Funny water videos and pictures

Water covers 70% of the world... so basically there is a lot of it and funny stuff involving water is bound to happen. Watch this while you are on solid ground.
fail, water, man, beach, laugh, fall

I enjoyed his eagerness

fail water man beach laugh fall
232d ago
babies, water, beach, surfing, ad

Too many cute surf babies in this ad!!!

babies water beach surfing ad
307d ago
fail, fish, scary, sea, boat, fishing, swordfish, overboard

Swordfish chases man off of fishing boat

fail fish scary sea boat fishing swordfish overboard
249d ago
fail, swimming, girls, lol, friends, fall, lake, summer

Almost succeeded

fail swimming girls lol friends fall lake summer
265d ago
bite, wildlife, woman, water, hand, fish

Come on you little fishy!

bite wildlife woman water hand fish
314d ago
cute, animals, fitness, workout, crab, weight lifting, sea animals

Super crab lifts weights

cute animals fitness workout crab weight lifting sea animals
308d ago
dog, cat, water, animals, pets, trick, chase

The close escape

dog cat water animals pets trick chase
304d ago
statue, water, art

Sculpture by Isaac Cordal: politicians discussing global warming

statue water art
304d ago
dog, pet, animals, scary, sea, seals

Someone's taking law and order in his own paws

dog pet animals scary sea seals
347d ago
prank, woman, water

How to prank a woman

prank woman water
300d ago
dog, cleaning, water, falls, bath, bowl, baby boy

Human its time to take a bath

dog cleaning water falls bath bowl baby boy
274d ago
cat, fail, water, bathroom, lizard, fear

Cats, why are you so strange?

cat fail water bathroom lizard fear
359d ago
wildlife, perfect timing, sea, whale, photography

High five with a whale

wildlife perfect timing sea whale photography
332d ago
fail, sports, water

Guy's Kayak has slight starting problems

fail sports water
298d ago
wtf, knife, crab, sea animals

Never give a knife to a crab

wtf knife crab sea animals
315d ago
selfie, wildlife, man, scary, shark, sea, wtf


selfie wildlife man scary shark sea wtf
336d ago
selfie, wildlife, shark, sea

Last selfie

selfie wildlife shark sea
308d ago
fail, men, water, fall, slip

Slippery when wet

fail men water fall slip
360d ago
girl, extreme, falls, lake, bicycle

Extreme biking

girl extreme falls lake bicycle
258d ago
fail, model, sea, rock, photo shoot

The sea doesn't care about your photo shoot

fail model sea rock photo shoot
269d ago
puppy, water, camel

They say I am a camel

puppy water camel
jump, fat, water slide

Fat guy gets a huge air off of a water slide

jump fat water slide
314d ago
fail, swimming, lake, water slide, contagious laughter, ouch, summer

Girl takes a painful backflop from giant water slide

fail swimming lake water slide contagious laughter ouch summer
258d ago
ice, winter, water, physics, freezing

He's ice cold

ice winter water physics freezing
328d ago
pool, sports, optical illusion, illusion, synchronized swimmers, water sports

Synchronized swimmers can walk on water

pool sports optical illusion illusion synchronized swimmers water sports
332d ago
girl, fail, bikini, sexy, fall, lake, gymnastics

Am I a cheerleader yet?

girl fail bikini sexy fall lake gymnastics
282d ago
wildlife, water, animal, man, fish, scary, gross

Care for a swim?

wildlife water animal man fish scary gross
364d ago
accident, water, perfect timing, fall, photography

Trying to walk on water

accident water perfect timing fall photography
308d ago
fail, kid, boy, water, drink

How can I work this magic?

fail kid boy water drink
367d ago
shower, truck, water, Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice bucket challenge reloaded

shower truck water Ice Bucket Challenge
267d ago
snow, winter, wtf, lake, Canada, frozen lake

How Canadians sit around the campfire

snow winter wtf lake Canada frozen lake
314d ago
slide, pool, water, boys

A cool idea gone wrong

slide pool water boys
366d ago
water, beach, sea, skill, surfing

When a Surfboard just isn't enough

water beach sea skill surfing
300d ago
family, lol, sea, waves

I'm gonna become one with the sea

family lol sea waves
308d ago
face, jump, attack, wildlife, water, man, fish, revenge

For Freeeed!

face jump attack wildlife water man fish revenge
365d ago
slide, scary, water slide

Highest water slide in the world

slide scary water slide
307d ago
lake, meme, river

River identifying professionals

lake meme river
257d ago
jump, sea, rock, dive

Almost perfect

jump sea rock dive
307d ago
slide, crazy, water, man, stunt

Man overboard

slide crazy water man stunt
304d ago
fail, water, wtf, construction, park

A shower and a bench. This takes construction to a whole new level of perfection!

fail water wtf construction park
314d ago
beer, lake, guy, nailed it, push

Saving what is important in life

beer lake guy nailed it push
323d ago
dog, kid, cute, water, good

Good boy

dog kid cute water good
361d ago
dramatic, water, bottles, destroys

Samurai water killer

dramatic water bottles destroys
300d ago
water, rain, bug, funny edit

Ladybug gets owned by water drop

water rain bug funny edit
364d ago
water, bath, swim, hedgehog

Taking a bath

water bath swim hedgehog
359d ago
cute, water, duck, swim

This duck really, really wants to swim

cute water duck swim
320d ago
ice skating, winter, chainsaw, wtf, lake, hold my beer, frozen lake

Chainsaw ice skating

ice skating winter chainsaw wtf lake hold my beer frozen lake
358d ago
sea, seagull, boat, donuts, diving

Diving for donuts

sea seagull boat donuts diving
354d ago
slide, water, fast

World's longest slide

slide water fast
184d ago
dog, hose, water, wet, owner, clever

Dog teasing it's owner with a water hose

dog hose water wet owner clever
308d ago
jump, fail, accident, boy, water, fall

Didn't work as planned

jump fail accident boy water fall
306d ago
girl, face, fail, fish, nature, sea, storm, slap

Just a girl getting a fish thrown at her face

girl face fail fish nature sea storm slap
336d ago
girl, kid, accident, dad, water, parenting, hero

Row, row, row your boat

girl kid accident dad water parenting hero
336d ago
joke, animal, lol, sea

Dolphin, is that you?

joke animal lol sea
356d ago
wildlife, fish, scary, shark, sea

Shark eating shark

wildlife fish scary shark sea
163d ago
hose, water, garden, German Shepherd

Dog thinks he's eating up the water from the hose

hose water garden German Shepherd
308d ago
jump, fail, accident, boy, water

Force of gravity

jump fail accident boy water
304d ago
ice, jump, fail, accident, pool, water, man

This guy has a severe problem

ice jump fail accident pool water man
356d ago
girl, Ice Bucket Challenge, delirious

Girl doing the Ice Bucket Challenge after getting her wisdom tooth removed

girl Ice Bucket Challenge delirious
304d ago
celebrity, pool, women, water, lookalike, parody, Instagram, Celeste Barber

If you try to look like celebrities on Instagram

celebrity pool women water lookalike parody Instagram Celeste Barber
286d ago
fail, pool, water, danger, thrill, electricity

They must love the thrill

fail pool water danger thrill electricity
261d ago
water, wet, bathroom, guys, slip

Watch your step

water wet bathroom guys slip
356d ago
baby, water, sea, cry

Ocean wave sneaks up on baby

baby water sea cry
365d ago
seal, playing, sea, diver

Seals are like dogs with fins

seal playing sea diver
320d ago
alcohol, winter, cold, wtf, lake, freezing, frozen lake

Scandinavians don't care about the cold

alcohol winter cold wtf lake freezing frozen lake
360d ago
baby, cute, water, drink

Baby trying to take a drink

baby cute water drink
303d ago
girl, jump, fail, water

Well, that's a fail

girl jump fail water
293d ago
fail, photographer, wedding, water, falling over, trip, wedding photographer

Wedding photographer takes a dive

fail photographer wedding water falling over trip wedding photographer
330d ago
cat, prank, water, animals, trick

How to get blacklisted by a cat

cat prank water animals trick
303d ago
fail, kids, boy, water

Well, you shouldn't do that

fail kids boy water
304d ago
celebrity, pool, women, water, musician, parody, look-alike, comparison, Beyoncé, Instagram, Celeste Barber

Celeste Barber and Beyoncé

celebrity pool women water musician parody look-alike comparison Beyoncé Instagram Celeste Barber
317d ago
tree, boy, lake, swinging, ouch, rope

George of the Jungle version 2.0

tree boy lake swinging ouch rope
girl, fail, strange, lol, fall, water slide, slip

Grace is everything

girl fail strange lol fall water slide slip
367d ago
zoo, child, eaten, sea animal

Well timed picture

zoo child eaten sea animal
304d ago
jump, fail, accident, pool, men, water, fall, hurt

That had to hurt

jump fail accident pool men water fall hurt
336d ago
fail, kid, dad, water, sea, parenting

Exploring the laws of nature

fail kid dad water sea parenting
367d ago
fail, falling, water, distracted, model

It is hard to be a model

fail falling water distracted model
288d ago
baby, cute, wildlife, animal, amazing, fish, sea

Apparently that's a swordfish baby

baby cute wildlife animal amazing fish sea
350d ago
fail, news, accident, reporter, water, fall, TV, blooper

Reporter fails to report

fail news accident reporter water fall TV blooper
259d ago
water, guy, slip, board

Slip not found

water guy slip board
258d ago
machine, outdoors, engineering, grill, river, genius, water wheel

Grilling ideas for the coming summer

machine outdoors engineering grill river genius water wheel
171d ago
music, men, water, nailed it, vine, skills, funny edit, like a boss

Why should we hire you?

music men water nailed it vine skills funny edit like a boss
189d ago
weird, water, stairs, rain

Water, what are you doing?

weird water stairs rain
303d ago
fail, kids, water, glass door

Kids don't quite get how a glass door works

fail kids water glass door
365d ago
girl, photo, water, throwup, waterfall

GIrl has hangover

girl photo water throwup waterfall
267d ago
jump, fail, kid, pool, water

1, 2, 3, ju... fall

jump fail kid pool water
353d ago
fail, girls, lol, fall, lake, swimsuit

Jump problems

fail girls lol fall lake swimsuit
336d ago
dangerous, water, electricity

Plug this leak

dangerous water electricity
299d ago
water, falling over, guys, hiking

I decided to go swimming

water falling over guys hiking
229d ago
baby, cute, water, slip

Failing to grow

baby cute water slip
310d ago
car, accident, boy, water, drinking, toy car

Dont drink and drive

car accident boy water drinking toy car
297d ago
woman, sea, ad

Oh no the kraken got her!

woman sea ad
359d ago
wildlife, optical illusion, perfect timing, sea, photography

Fish head

wildlife optical illusion perfect timing sea photography
346d ago
fail, falling, water, rappers, photoshoot

Rappers having a photoshoot, turns out to be a wet fail

fail falling water rappers photoshoot
199d ago
name fail, irony, water, boat

No worries

name fail irony water boat
367d ago
duck, shark, sea

Shark has an eye on his lunch

duck shark sea
353d ago
fail, water, drink, art

How long can you live without water?

fail water drink art
304d ago
men, water, fishing, flood

A little rain turned the pub into a fishing area

men water fishing flood
sale, water, sign, moving, house, flood

For sale

sale water sign moving house flood
255d ago
school, playing, guys, water bottle

This is why you can't play on the corridors

school playing guys water bottle
282d ago
water, college, student, class, competetive eating, water bottle

Student quickly empties water bottle in a fraction of a second

water college student class competetive eating water bottle