Funny skills videos and pictures

You will see people and animals with skills that are unheard of. So while watching, get up from your chair and practice some more so we'll get to see you in this playlist soon.
506d ago
drunk, party, skill, cooking, flip, pancakes

The most amazing pancake flip ever

drunk party skill cooking flip pancakes
543d ago
Russian, singing, Russia, skill, singer

Russian singer carries the forest in his voice

Russian singing Russia skill singer
481d ago
skill, smoke, pro, vaping

Vaping nerd at his best

skill smoke pro vaping
555d ago
fat, cycling, skills, belly

Belly biking

fat cycling skills belly
543d ago
skill, DIY, paper, flower, how to, Origami

How to make the most beautiful paper rose

skill DIY paper flower how to Origami
566d ago
song, alphabet, man, hiphop, skills, Rap

This is the craziest tongue twisting rap I've ever heard!!!

song alphabet man hiphop skills Rap
485d ago
skill, pro, drummer, juggling

The juggling drummer - something you'll never be able to do

skill pro drummer juggling
578d ago
dog, unexpected, animals, fish, skill, fishing, Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever dog has figured out ninja fishing

dog unexpected animals fish skill fishing Golden Retriever
592d ago
sports, wtf, golf, skillshot, hole in one

Golf pro Leif Olson hits an absurd hole in one

sports wtf golf skillshot hole in one
586d ago
jump, fail, Asian, skills

That must have hurt

jump fail Asian skills
620d ago
skill, wtf, alternative sports

Guy defies physics with his dice stacking skills

skill wtf alternative sports
651d ago
skill, explosion, golf, target

Ultimate golf skills

skill explosion golf target
613d ago
job, pizza, work, skill, pro, useless skills

Professional Pizze cutters

job pizza work skill pro useless skills
573d ago
fail, ninja, martial arts, skills

Nunchaku master

fail ninja martial arts skills
651d ago
tricks, ping pong, skill, cool

Ping-pong tricks

tricks ping pong skill cool
640d ago
sports, skill, hockey

Unicycle hockey!?

sports skill hockey
621d ago
skill, Dude Perfect, slow motion, ass crack

guy lands absolute bullseye on ass crack

skill Dude Perfect slow motion ass crack
578d ago
baby, skateboarding, skills

Adorable skateboarding baby

baby skateboarding skills
651d ago
jump, ball, skill, smooth

Crazy skill with ball

jump ball skill smooth
651d ago
water, beach, sea, skill, surfing

When a Surfboard just isn't enough

water beach sea skill surfing
617d ago
job, skill, India, wtf, keyboard

This guy has mastered the computer keyboard

job skill India wtf keyboard
629d ago
art, skills, 3D, balancing

Balancing skills

art skills 3D balancing
592d ago
skill, nerf, tea, slow motion, skillshot

How to make tea with a NERF gun

skill nerf tea slow motion skillshot
578d ago
toilet, skill, wtf, toilet paper

Tactical toilet roll reload

toilet skill wtf toilet paper
637d ago
talent, strong, acrobatic, skills

Crazy acrobatic skills compilation

talent strong acrobatic skills
617d ago
mall, skill, parking lot, shopping cart, shopping mall, useless skills

Park your shopping cart like a pro

mall skill parking lot shopping cart shopping mall useless skills
573d ago
dogs, surfing, skills

The world's cutest surfers

dogs surfing skills
628d ago
job, kitchen, skill, pro, dishwasher

Quickest dishwasher you'll ever see

job kitchen skill pro dishwasher
620d ago
job, work, kitchen, skill, wtf, Asian, Asia, dishwasher

Asian dishwasher takes his job to the next level

job work kitchen skill wtf Asian Asia dishwasher
640d ago
Russia, food, skill, restaurant

The most amazing Kebap vendor works in Russia

Russia food skill restaurant
613d ago
win, beer, catch, skill, pro, throwing, live music, singer

Band singer effortlessly catches beer

win beer catch skill pro throwing live music singer
506d ago
China, skill, pro, physics, bakery, Chinese

Chinese baker has mastered handling his dumplings

China skill pro physics bakery Chinese
543d ago
unexpected, TV show, skill, TV, knife, how to, TV host, bottle of chamapgne

TV host impresses herself with her champagne opening skills

unexpected TV show skill TV knife how to TV host bottle of chamapgne
599d ago
jump, girls, game, talent, skill

Some serious jump rope skills

jump girls game talent skill
559d ago
fail, throwing, skills

Jeff throwing things without looking

fail throwing skills
568d ago
man, amazing, talking, skills, voice

Man talking with echo

man amazing talking skills voice
604d ago
drunk, fail, bottle, guy, fighting, skills

Funny bottle play

drunk fail bottle guy fighting skills
620d ago
Japan, skill, athletic, alternative sports

Leave it to the Japanese to revolutionize skipping rope

Japan skill athletic alternative sports
456d ago
music, men, water, nailed it, vine, skills, funny edit, like a boss

Why should we hire you?

music men water nailed it vine skills funny edit like a boss
648d ago
dog, cute, pet, animals, skill, Corgi, photogenic

The most photogenic Corgi dog you'll ever meet

dog cute pet animals skill Corgi photogenic
560d ago
news, pen, flip, skills, frustrated, news reader

Frustrated news reader flips a pen

news pen flip skills frustrated news reader
488d ago
eating, dogs, lol, stealing, skill, smart

Little thief

eating dogs lol stealing skill smart
651d ago
fat, dancing, video games, skill

Asian guy lets loose with Dancing Game

fat dancing video games skill
604d ago
Japanese, rhythm game, Japan, skill, arcade game, arcade

Japanese guy destroys dancing arcade game

Japanese rhythm game Japan skill arcade game arcade
651d ago
video games, arcade games, rhythm game, Japan, drumming, drum, GoPro, skill

Guy shows his skill at Japanese Drumming Game

video games arcade games rhythm game Japan drumming drum GoPro skill