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500d ago
fail, water, man, beach, laugh, fall

I enjoyed his eagerness

fail water man beach laugh fall
529d ago
airplane, flight attendant, man, safety

This flight attendant clearly has fun on board

airplane flight attendant man safety
451d ago
smartphone, girl, man, advertisement, lol, problem, real life, explicit, funny faces, true story, funny edit

Girls and phones

smartphone girl man advertisement lol problem real life explicit funny faces true story funny edit
535d ago
song, alphabet, man, hiphop, skills, Rap

This is the craziest tongue twisting rap I've ever heard!!!

song alphabet man hiphop skills Rap
589d ago
girl, kid, dad, boyfriend, parenting

A little diplomat

girl kid dad boyfriend parenting
547d ago
fail, bike, woman, man, competition

This macho bike rider learned a lesson

fail bike woman man competition
520d ago
goat, music, guitar, man, dress up

Goat soloing on electric guitar

goat music guitar man dress up
600d ago
girl, woman, man, sexy, surprise, towel, sexy girl, underwear

Sexy surprise

girl woman man sexy surprise towel sexy girl underwear
538d ago
baby, dad, finger, middle finger

Baby doesn't like it when his dad is mocking him about having hiccups

baby dad finger middle finger
586d ago
dancing, family, father, girls, unexpected, parenting

funny father level God

dancing family father girls unexpected parenting
510d ago
baby, dad, cute

Bubbly baby very cute

baby dad cute
612d ago
dummy, man, gym, workout

Strange workout

dummy man gym workout
542d ago
football, woman, man, owned

Man getting owned by a woman with big biceps in Flex Cam

football woman man owned
484d ago
dad, singing, music, sleeping, song, tired, cover, Walk the Moon

Tired dad's version of Shut Up and Dance: Shut Up and Go to Sleep

dad singing music sleeping song tired cover Walk the Moon
503d ago
baby, dad, eating, laughing

Baby finds it super funny that her dad cant eat asparagus properly

baby dad eating laughing
516d ago
joke, men, trick, hurt, fighting

The shortest way is the best way

joke men trick hurt fighting
575d ago
women, men, gag

Men vs women switches

women men gag
493d ago
music, man, expression, lip sync

Funny man making amusing facial expressions and lip sync to a mambo song

music man expression lip sync
618d ago
playing, man, Christmas song, butts

Jingle butts

playing man Christmas song butts
569d ago
celebrity, prank, woman, man, scary, show, TV, Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen pulls a mean prank

celebrity prank woman man scary show TV Ellen DeGeneres
547d ago
man, reading, texting

Reading your friends texts arab style

man reading texting
585d ago
woman, butt, man, slap

The classic butt slap

woman butt man slap
563d ago
photobomb, girls, man, beach

This guy just ruled photobombing

photobomb girls man beach
569d ago
seal, men, fish, steal, thief

If I hadn't just seen it, I wouldn't believe it

seal men fish steal thief
426d ago
mascot, dancing, music, man, battle, nailed it, great, wow, rocks

This guard has chosen the wrong profession. Obviously.

mascot dancing music man battle nailed it great wow rocks
535d ago
mom, baby, dad, child, answers, questions, Q&A

Baby not telling what dad wants to hear

mom baby dad child answers questions Q&A
568d ago
girl, selfie, man, ice cream, lick, inappropriate

Man goes: 'Woah?!'

girl selfie man ice cream lick inappropriate
483d ago
falling, man, shovel, snow shovelling, slipping

Man vs snow

falling man shovel snow shovelling slipping
543d ago
man, sign, money, street, homeless

I had an affair with Hillary Clinton...

man sign money street homeless
585d ago
dance, men, explicit

Naughty dance

dance men explicit
445d ago
Austria, fail, beer, men, power tool

Men, beer and power tools

Austria fail beer men power tool
614d ago
man, jumps, golf, cart

Man jumps over golf cart

man jumps golf cart
599d ago
hair, man, burning, hurting

Man removing his moustache after Movember, don't try at home!

hair man burning hurting
561d ago
kid, boy, man, church, priest

Party over? Okay. Bye.

kid boy man church priest
619d ago
father, game, son, thrill

True thrill

father game son thrill
561d ago
slide, crazy, water, man, stunt

Man overboard

slide crazy water man stunt
619d ago
man, lol, afro

Afro man

man lol afro
543d ago
man, sign, money, street, homeless

Available for adoption

man sign money street homeless
475d ago
dad, daughter, virtual reality, video games, bicycle

The new dad-VR biking game

dad daughter virtual reality video games bicycle
533d ago
love, men, escalator, flirting

Man harassing other men at the escalator

love men escalator flirting
614d ago
dad, daughter, screaming, amusement park

Fearless Dad

dad daughter screaming amusement park
428d ago
prank, humor, scared, woman, man, wtf, reaction, street, Asia, explicit, why?

Reaction. Explicit:D

prank humor scared woman man wtf reaction street Asia explicit why?
666d ago
baby, dad, daughter, family

Family gymnastic exercises

baby dad daughter family
569d ago
accident, men, sport

The strongman

accident men sport
518d ago
hit, head, swing, guy

I came in like a wrecking ball

hit head swing guy
568d ago
boobs, hair, man, beach, bra

Chest hair bra

boobs hair man beach bra
585d ago
dad, piss

Daddy Sacrifices

dad piss
551d ago
man, food, sleep, store, grocery

I think everyone understands this situation...

man food sleep store grocery
617d ago
big, man, strong, wall

You shall not pass

big man strong wall
575d ago
toilet, men, poop, revenge

Taco Bell revenge

toilet men poop revenge
453d ago
dad, parenting win, texting

Moth killer required

dad parenting win texting
523d ago
news, woman, man, surprise, reaction

Lesson 1: how to stay a man in all situations

news woman man surprise reaction
443d ago
fail, humor, fall, swing, real life, guy, true story, funny edit, tough life

Just amazing. As always.

fail humor fall swing real life guy true story funny edit tough life
479d ago
computer, windows, grandpa, trash

In case you ever wondered what happens if you put "my computer" to the trash can

computer windows grandpa trash
591d ago
dad, daughter, vacuum cleaner, hairstyles

Father uses vacuum cleaner to make quickest pigtails ever

dad daughter vacuum cleaner hairstyles
573d ago
father, boy, caught, thrown

Thats what helmuts are for

father boy caught thrown
552d ago
father, laughing, son, flower, blowing, together

Laughing together

father laughing son flower blowing together
597d ago
basketball, fail, lol, guys

Dunking disaster

basketball fail lol guys
542d ago
father, jumping, danger, son, almost, trampoline

When things almsot go wrong

father jumping danger son almost trampoline
535d ago
birthday, son, nerf, grandpa, grandson

Grandpa nails his grandson in the head with a NERF gun

birthday son nerf grandpa grandson
454d ago
kid, father, baseball, Japan, balls, ouch

And that's why kids and baseball are a dangerous combination

kid father baseball Japan balls ouch
547d ago
man, hoverboard

Modern life alladin

man hoverboard
582d ago
baby, dad, boy, cute, dandelion

Baby boy has the cutest reaction to dandelion

baby dad boy cute dandelion
454d ago
dad, money, dad humor, texting

Messaging with Dad

dad money dad humor texting
418d ago
fail, strange, enjoying, eating, man, wtf, rollercoaster, amusement park, dumb idea, no logic

Who generally does so???

fail strange enjoying eating man wtf rollercoaster amusement park dumb idea no logic
579d ago
fail, jumping, pool, guys

Some days you just cant win

fail jumping pool guys
543d ago
car, accident, job, man, photography

It's his job. I mean... it was.

car accident job man photography
421d ago
man, Dachshund, photoshop

The giant sausage dog

man Dachshund photoshop
601d ago
baby, father, puke

Baby puked on dad

baby father puke
576d ago
vodka, kiss, guy, true love, New Years, love life

New year, new bottle

vodka kiss guy true love New Years love life
500d ago
fail, accident, man, longboarding, helmet

He loves helmets... for a really good reason!

fail accident man longboarding helmet
567d ago
jump, fail, playing, man, laugh

Well...the start was nice

jump fail playing man laugh
611d ago
drunk, car, man, fall down

Drunk man down

drunk car man fall down
450d ago
kid, dad, baseball, son, bat, stadium, hero, MLB

Heroic dad, oblivious kid

kid dad baseball son bat stadium hero MLB
620d ago
father, lookalike

Vitamin daddy

father lookalike
523d ago
music, song, men, Disney, dream, princesses

Men dreaming about being Disney princesses

music song men Disney dream princesses
590d ago
girl, kid, accident, dad, water, parenting, hero

Row, row, row your boat

girl kid accident dad water parenting hero
558d ago
ice, jump, fail, accident, pool, water, man

This guy has a severe problem

ice jump fail accident pool water man
542d ago
zoo, job, butt, animal, man, gross, elephant, poop, smell

Hitting rock bottom

zoo job butt animal man gross elephant poop smell
577d ago
man, teacher

Teaching history the right way

man teacher
559d ago
baby, Christmas, dad, family, creepy, man, faces, face swap

Man making the creepiest face swaps with his family

baby Christmas dad family creepy man faces face swap
415d ago
prank, girls, screaming, lol, confused, guys, funny reaction

One of the best pranks I've ever seen

prank girls screaming lol confused guys funny reaction
563d ago
photobomb, wildlife, men, animal, beach, walrus

Did I get in the way?

photobomb wildlife men animal beach walrus
590d ago
kid, accident, dad, snow, winter, parenting, hero

Sleigh ride gone bad

kid accident dad snow winter parenting hero
511d ago
extreme, jumping, tricks, fall, guys

Too extreme to do it right

extreme jumping tricks fall guys
426d ago
cat, sleeping, man, sassy, cats are assholes, like a boss, cats are weird


cat sleeping man sassy cats are assholes like a boss cats are weird
548d ago
boy, awkward, attack, reaction, guys

When my parents suddenly propose a toast on my birthday parties

boy awkward attack reaction guys
543d ago
job, man, sign, explicit, homeless

He's got high hopes

job man sign explicit homeless
561d ago
jump, home, animal, man, scary, spider, fear

When he tells the story the spider will have been footlong

jump home animal man scary spider fear
549d ago
boy, drums, music, man, neighbors, snack, candy, apology

Banging the drums like a rockstar

boy drums music man neighbors snack candy apology
568d ago
beer, lake, guy, nailed it, push

Saving what is important in life

beer lake guy nailed it push
499d ago
baby, dad, music

Baby and dad's awesome beatboxing

baby dad music
585d ago
dad, daughter, tea

High Beer

dad daughter tea
455d ago
mom, funny face, man, lol, real life, true story, blame, texting, conversation, messaging

I have nothing to say to you

mom funny face man lol real life true story blame texting conversation messaging
photobomb, man, beach, couples

Family clown or total stranger?

photobomb man beach couples
467d ago
Christmas, sexy, guys

Sexy Jingle bells

Christmas sexy guys
554d ago
cute, twins, daddy, confusion, baby girl

Who of you is my dad again?

cute twins daddy confusion baby girl
446d ago
kid, prank, lol, guy, trolling, smart, cry

Yeah, that's for sure a surprise...

kid prank lol guy trolling smart cry
428d ago
jump, seal, humor, man, lol, fall, swimming pool, summer

It was the second week of the vacation

jump seal humor man lol fall swimming pool summer
456d ago
celebrity, man, lol, real life, true story, funny edit, red carpet, calm

How to imitate indifference

celebrity man lol real life true story funny edit red carpet calm
454d ago
bus, man, optical illusion, public transportation

He has no idea

bus man optical illusion public transportation
417d ago
man, optical illusion, perfect timing, sunglasses, photography, Egypt

Looks like the Sphynx had her eyes lasered

man optical illusion perfect timing sunglasses photography Egypt
528d ago
car, commercial, woman, man, Super Bowl, Hyundai, bears

Hyundai Super Bowl commercial 'The chase'

car commercial woman man Super Bowl Hyundai bears
529d ago
fail, lol, don't, daddy's

That's why you should listen to your parents

fail lol don't daddy's
479d ago
fail, running, man, gas station, surveillance cam, glass door

Man running straight into a gas station's glass door

fail running man gas station surveillance cam glass door
469d ago
father, cute, Darth Vader, surprise, son, wake up

Father dresses up as Darth Vader and wakes up his son

father cute Darth Vader surprise son wake up
571d ago
fail, beach, lol, sand, guy, waves

When you try to impress but it doesn't go well

fail beach lol sand guy waves
533d ago
baby, dad, creepy, child, face swap, oven

Baby's face swapped with the oven

baby dad creepy child face swap oven
620d ago
man, optical illusion, perfect timing, public transport

Man with steel head

man optical illusion perfect timing public transport
536d ago
kid, family, toddler, father, baseball, balls, ouch, backyard

Toddler hits an amazing baseball shot

kid family toddler father baseball balls ouch backyard
465d ago
message, Starbucks, guy, explicit, true story, Twitter, social media

This guy is smart

message Starbucks guy explicit true story Twitter social media
590d ago
fail, kid, dad, water, sea, parenting

Exploring the laws of nature

fail kid dad water sea parenting
589d ago
joke, woman, man, danger

Vacation with your girlfriend be like...

joke woman man danger
537d ago
man, amazing, talking, skills, voice

Man talking with echo

man amazing talking skills voice
499d ago
baby, dad, face swap

Don't let a baby do your taxes

baby dad face swap
613d ago
man, optical illusion, fall, photography, giant

Giant carrying his friends

man optical illusion fall photography giant
552d ago
mom, surprised, man, son, throwing, eggs

Guy throws eggs at his unsuspecting mom for a year

mom surprised man son throwing eggs
561d ago
girl, baby, dad, parenting

Daddy, what a silly game that was!

girl baby dad parenting
558d ago
dad, daughter, hair, parenting, bun, life hack, hairstyle

Dad figures out how to make the easiest hair bun

dad daughter hair parenting bun life hack hairstyle
543d ago
beer, alcohol, man, sign, money, alien, homeless

Space ship crashed

beer alcohol man sign money alien homeless
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