Funny friendships videos and pictures

A friendship is the only boat that never sinks. Watch our best friends, animal friends, unusual friendship partners, and imaginary friends living through super funny moments.
255d ago
cat, love, friend, lizard

This cat seems to love this lizard

cat love friend lizard
225d ago
friendship, dogs, pet, hug

Who is your best friend?

friendship dogs pet hug
dog, friendship, cute, song, owner, sing

Dog and his owner sing a duet

dog friendship cute song owner sing
228d ago
fail, ball, bowling, friends

Bowling balls

fail ball bowling friends
207d ago
fail, swimming, girls, lol, friends, fall, lake, summer

Almost succeeded

fail swimming girls lol friends fall lake summer
266d ago
dog, cat, friendship, puppy, love, kitten, animals, kiss

Heartmelting love

dog cat friendship puppy love kitten animals kiss
215d ago
dogs, animals, friends

Someone has to take responsibility

dogs animals friends
227d ago
pet, man, snake, best friends

Guy spending a lovely day with his best friend

pet man snake best friends
249d ago
puppy, cute, friend, mirror, head bump

Stop playing tricks on me

puppy cute friend mirror head bump
304d ago
prank, scary, friends

Pranking a friend

prank scary friends
323d ago
dog, naughty, friends, poop

Who pooped in the kitchen?

dog naughty friends poop
184d ago
prank, men, friends, clothes, Tinder

Sneaky guys making girls confused by switching places

prank men friends clothes Tinder
266d ago
cat, baby, kitten, bird, pet, animal, friends, confused

Just a kitten with a bird on her head

cat baby kitten bird pet animal friends confused
297d ago
dog, basketball, ball, game, man, friends

Man plays basketball with his dog

dog basketball ball game man friends
264d ago
cute, pet, animal, friends, hedgehog, sweet

A hedgehog stroking a guy's nose

cute pet animal friends hedgehog sweet
242d ago
prank, party, beer, men, friends, water tap

This dude decides to throw a party after discovering there was only beer coming out of the taps

prank party beer men friends water tap
226d ago
dog, tiger, unexpected, friends, cuddling, unusual animal friendship

Tiger and dogs can be best friends too

dog tiger unexpected friends cuddling unusual animal friendship
325d ago

Ferret Airlines

324d ago
dog, friendship, bottle, lamb

Dog feeding lamb

dog friendship bottle lamb
309d ago
friendship, kitten, pet, cuddle, stuffed animal

Friends for ever

friendship kitten pet cuddle stuffed animal
326d ago
dog, friendship, sleeping, jumping, bunny

Dog and bunny friendship

dog friendship sleeping jumping bunny
266d ago
friendship, attack, ball, men, students, stairs

With friends like this you don't need enemies

friendship attack ball men students stairs
326d ago
dog, lamp, friend

He found a new friend

dog lamp friend
325d ago
karma, hit, chair, friends, fall

Instant karma

karma hit chair friends fall
233d ago
friends, wtf, social media, Facebook, comment, status

Weird group of friends

friends wtf social media Facebook comment status
287d ago
dinosaur, music, friends, Disney, sing, Pixar

Little dinosaur tries to sing along with his friends

dinosaur music friends Disney sing Pixar
150d ago
singing, music, friends, embarassing, radio

Turning the radio off in the middle of the song

singing music friends embarassing radio
217d ago
car, friends, cool, teamwork, street

This is how we do! Teamwork!

car friends cool teamwork street
251d ago
girlfriend, friends, lost

I have also lost so many of my friends to a... sniff... girlfriend

girlfriend friends lost
318d ago
dog, cute, friends, birds

Dog is friends with lots of birds

dog cute friends birds
325d ago
celebration, fit, fitness, lifting, friends, trick

Lift your friend - The easy way

celebration fit fitness lifting friends trick
172d ago
humor, home, lol, friends, true story, rabbits

In fact it is an urgent problem

humor home lol friends true story rabbits
307d ago
boy, cute, chicken, friends

Little boy and his chicken

boy cute chicken friends
252d ago
tree, Christmas, love, friend, falling, man, Jesus

Jesus is my friend

tree Christmas love friend falling man Jesus
304d ago
dog, cat, friends, cuddle

Cat and dog being friends

dog cat friends cuddle
164d ago
friendship, computer, man, Skype, sports stadium

Remember when we where at the game together?

friendship computer man Skype sports stadium
324d ago
dog, lamp, friends


dog lamp friends
177d ago
dog, girl, friendship, funny face, lol, explicit

Can I also have some?

dog girl friendship funny face lol explicit
233d ago
drunk, prank, hungry, friends, salad

Passed out man wants salad

drunk prank hungry friends salad
239d ago
birthday, dangerous, surprise, friends, explosion, balloons

Birthday surprise that almost blows everyone away

birthday dangerous surprise friends explosion balloons
233d ago
girl, Justin Bieber, friend, kiss, social media, Facebook, comment, status, lie

Someone thinks her friends are really stupid

girl Justin Bieber friend kiss social media Facebook comment status lie
153d ago
girl, men, friends, trick, nailed it, vine, funny edit, situation

good trick, dude

girl men friends trick nailed it vine funny edit situation
273d ago
dog, cat, friendship, costume, dragon, pets, dress up, Shar Pei, Paddington

It must be love

dog cat friendship costume dragon pets dress up Shar Pei Paddington
233d ago
women, friend, robots, social media, Facebook, comment, status

What do women and terminator robots have in common?

women friend robots social media Facebook comment status
159d ago
dog, playing, trampoline, animal friends

Dove and dog having fun with a trampoline

dog playing trampoline animal friends
273d ago
friendship, siblings, dogs, pets, Shar Pei


friendship siblings dogs pets Shar Pei
157d ago
boyfriend, parenting, mean, mum, texting, imaginary friend

You know your mum loves you when you get a text like that

boyfriend parenting mean mum texting imaginary friend
257d ago
women, movie, friends, Asia, true story

I noticed that too

women movie friends Asia true story
278d ago
lol, friends, trick, real life, vine, guys

Everyone lies

lol friends trick real life vine guys
242d ago
toilet, toddler, child, talking, poo, conversation, imaginary friend

Toddler talking to his imaginary friend while sitting on the toilet

toilet toddler child talking poo conversation imaginary friend
233d ago
women, friend, sex, social media, Facebook, comment, status

The most liked status in 2011

women friend sex social media Facebook comment status
190d ago
window, ball, hit, friends

Ball knights

window ball hit friends
233d ago
love, woman, friend, couple, man, food, social media, Facebook, comment, status

They say that love makes you blind... and a little dumb too

love woman friend couple man food social media Facebook comment status
286d ago
celebrity, photobomb, friends, Conan O'Brian, Kevin Spacey, Matthew Perry

Kevin Spacey photobombs Matthew Perry and Conan O'Brian

celebrity photobomb friends Conan O'Brian Kevin Spacey Matthew Perry
238d ago
fail, school, Russia, playground, laugh, friends, guys

Tell me please what was the point? Russia...

fail school Russia playground laugh friends guys
222d ago
friendship, cute, animals, help, Turtles

Sometimes you need a friend

friendship cute animals help Turtles
271d ago
cake, joke, man, movie, friends

When you are a girl who was on a diet for a month

cake joke man movie friends
202d ago
dog, fail, jumping, friends, guy, weirdo

Ryan pretends he is a cat

dog fail jumping friends guy weirdo
323d ago
dog, cat, human, friends

If your dog and cat friends were actually humans

dog cat human friends
251d ago
celebrity, friends, show, TV, Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry, Sitcom, actors, Matt LeBlanc, Joey Tribbiani, Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox

Watching 'ugly naked guy'

celebrity friends show TV Chandler Bing Matthew Perry Sitcom actors Matt LeBlanc Joey Tribbiani Rachel Green Monica Geller Ross Geller Phoebe Buffay Jennifer Aniston Lisa Kudrow Courteney Cox
203d ago
fail, lol, sport, friends, fall, guy

Sand-boarding level beginner

fail lol sport friends fall guy
205d ago
fail, skiing, winter, sports, lol, friends, fall, guy

They wanted the best, you know the rest...

fail skiing winter sports lol friends fall guy
207d ago
fail, hit, lol, friends, street, guys

you never know what can happen in the next moment

fail hit lol friends street guys
199d ago
humor, woman, man, friends, real life, funny faces, true story, texting

It worth a try

humor woman man friends real life funny faces true story texting
243d ago
jump, groom, prank, bridge, pool, men, friends

The best bachelor party prank ever! Groom thinks he's jumping from a bridge

jump groom prank bridge pool men friends
168d ago
joke, lol, friends, real life, true story, funny edit

Lol is you dead?

joke lol friends real life true story funny edit
284d ago
funny face, photobomb, wedding, joke, friends

When your friends are awesome

funny face photobomb wedding joke friends
324d ago
photo, smile, animals, friends

Stingray selfie

photo smile animals friends
205d ago
ice, friends, fall, guys

When your friends try to kill you on winter

ice friends fall guys
316d ago
cats, dogs, animals, friends

Dogs annoying cats with friendship

cats dogs animals friends
316d ago
prank, sleeping, friends

Best friends

prank sleeping friends
179d ago
car, song, friends, reaction, vine, explicit

When you hear a song you're tired of

car song friends reaction vine explicit
160d ago
strange, love, humor, friends, art, drawing

What is going on this picture?

strange love humor friends art drawing
233d ago
tree, police, friends, social media, Facebook, comment, status

The tree in the backyard

tree police friends social media Facebook comment status
friendship, joke, misplaced


friendship joke misplaced