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Unique looks, hilarious facial expressions, faces that aren't real, looks that will give you the creeps, derp faces and duckfaces - too funny not to give them a look.
440d ago
cat, face, car, pet, animal

Invisible race car

cat face car pet animal
369d ago
smartphone, girl, man, advertisement, lol, problem, real life, explicit, funny faces, true story, funny edit

Girls and phones

smartphone girl man advertisement lol problem real life explicit funny faces true story funny edit
437d ago
funny face, surprised, eyes, food, pug, lol

What's broccoli?

funny face surprised eyes food pug lol
433d ago
celebrity, funny face, joke, songs, singer

Why do you need all them if you can have only one?

celebrity funny face joke songs singer
470d ago
smartphone, funny face, woman, laughing, contagious laughter, app, crazy face

Woman makes herself laugh with face morphing app

smartphone funny face woman laughing contagious laughter app crazy face
481d ago
tree, optical illusion, scary, faces in things, flora

Tree eating fence

tree optical illusion scary faces in things flora
532d ago
sleeping, ears, piglets

Waving ears

sleeping ears piglets
438d ago
face, baby, sour, lemon

Baby having lemon

face baby sour lemon
510d ago
girl, face, baby, cute, laugh, angry

Little girl's got her angry face on

girl face baby cute laugh angry
436d ago
dog, girl, mouth, baby

Nope. No spinach. You're okay.

dog girl mouth baby
382d ago
girl, spooky, fire, optical illusion, faces in things

There's a face of a girl in the flames

girl spooky fire optical illusion faces in things
389d ago
dog, fail, funny face, humor, scared, real life

Especially after two glasses of wine and especially on weekends

dog fail funny face humor scared real life
410d ago
cat, funny face, music, lol, scary, mirror

I think this is my usual face when I wake up after parties

cat funny face music lol scary mirror
529d ago
owl, bird, eyes, tired

Tired owl

owl bird eyes tired
539d ago
cat, car, funny face, surprised

Slow down!!

cat car funny face surprised
421d ago
cat, snow, winter, angry face, street, regret

Difficult situation though

cat snow winter angry face street regret
382d ago
optical illusion, faces in things

Say aaaaah

optical illusion faces in things
410d ago
cat, snow, optical illusion, faces in things

Snow cat

cat snow optical illusion faces in things
486d ago
marriage, mfw, reaction gif, nagging, seniors, sketch comedy

Old husband has heard enough

marriage mfw reaction gif nagging seniors sketch comedy
464d ago
tongue, Japanese, sleeping, dreaming, lips, public transport, Japan, subway, Asian, Asia, licking

Japanese woman has interesting dream on subway

tongue Japanese sleeping dreaming lips public transport Japan subway Asian Asia licking
335d ago
love, carrots, hug, faces in things

I carrot a lot about you

love carrots hug faces in things
501d ago
smile, teeth, dentist, chips

This guy doesn't need a dentist

smile teeth dentist chips
515d ago
face, mfw, reaction gif, facial expression

Guy in Australia's Got Talent TV show has amazing facial reactions

face mfw reaction gif facial expression
382d ago
grumpy, optical illusion, elevator, faces in things

Grumpy elevator speaker

grumpy optical illusion elevator faces in things
298d ago
dog, cat, fail, home, lol, wrong, funny faces, face swap

New technologies need to be improved

dog cat fail home lol wrong funny faces face swap
410d ago
snow, optical illusion, hedgehog, faces in things

Hill looking like a hedgehog

snow optical illusion hedgehog faces in things
538d ago
face, angry, aggressive, teeth

Agressive paprika

face angry aggressive teeth
429d ago
toilet, optical illusion, faces in things

Nice teeth!

toilet optical illusion faces in things
354d ago
cat, funny face, accident, home, why?, cats are assholes, cats are weird, scaredy cat

Why did you need to climb there at the first place?

cat funny face accident home why? cats are assholes cats are weird scaredy cat
410d ago
excitement, box, optical illusion, faces in things

When I grow up I want to seeee the whole wide world

excitement box optical illusion faces in things
523d ago
cat, pet, teeth

Morning routine

cat pet teeth
366d ago
funny face, baby, evil, eyebrows, drawing, marker

Drawing eyebrows on babies should be the next big thing

funny face baby evil eyebrows drawing marker
479d ago
dramatic, gorilla, ape, mfw, reaction gif

Dramatically munching gorilla

dramatic gorilla ape mfw reaction gif
468d ago
teeth, pain, ice cream, ad, brilliant

Sensitive teeth

teeth pain ice cream ad brilliant
424d ago
optical illusion, pipe, faces in things

Frog faced construction part

optical illusion pipe faces in things
417d ago
optical illusion, faces in things

Smoking letterbox

optical illusion faces in things
516d ago
mouth, art, 3D

Give me the pill

mouth art 3D
355d ago
cat, funny face, stucked, sock, lost, why?, cats are weird, no logic


cat funny face stucked sock lost why? cats are weird no logic
411d ago
optical illusion, faces in things

Squinting canister

optical illusion faces in things
307d ago
cat, funny face, home, real life, like a boss, chill

Don't destruct me from chilling please

cat funny face home real life like a boss chill
326d ago
funny face, seal, animal, lol, reaction, confused, explicit, true story, funny edit, messages

This is me with my friends sometimes

funny face seal animal lol reaction confused explicit true story funny edit messages
481d ago
cat, funny face, enjoy

This is my face when they brush me

cat funny face enjoy
589d ago
funny face

Boring faucet

funny face
442d ago
face, owl, Apple, fruit

Owl apple

face owl Apple fruit
394d ago
funny face, lol, cartoon, Spongebob, real life, true story, funny edit

When you're to shy to speak

funny face lol cartoon Spongebob real life true story funny edit
538d ago
basketball, nose, sport, perfect timing, gross, foul, poke

Grossest foul ever

basketball nose sport perfect timing gross foul poke
471d ago
Russian, Russia, wtf, smoking, ears, cigarette, Eastern Europe

Guy takes a drag from his cigarette and exhales from his ears

Russian Russia wtf smoking ears cigarette Eastern Europe
538d ago
face, sport, perfect timing, horror

The ball of horror

face sport perfect timing horror
342d ago
baby, nose, asleep, Cheerios, Cheerio Stacking Challenge

Cheerio stacking on baby's nose

baby nose asleep Cheerios Cheerio Stacking Challenge
383d ago
grumpy, faces in things

Green grumpy pepper

grumpy faces in things
383d ago
smile, Nike, faces in things

Happy Nike shoe

smile Nike faces in things
500d ago
face, celebrity, Jessica Simpson, red carpet

Jessica Simpson funny face

face celebrity Jessica Simpson red carpet
477d ago
girl, face, fail, fish, nature, sea, storm, slap

Just a girl getting a fish thrown at her face

girl face fail fish nature sea storm slap
515d ago
baby, Christmas, happy, Santa, beard

Santa's baby

baby Christmas happy Santa beard
523d ago
news, funny face, awkward, police

A short moment of glory

news funny face awkward police
503d ago
face, TV show, TV, troll, New Year's Eve

Guy enjoys his 20 seconds of fame on New Years Eve TV show

face TV show TV troll New Year's Eve
536d ago
basketball, face, attack, ball, sport, perfect timing, foul, grab, photography

Player grabs other player by the eye

basketball face attack ball sport perfect timing foul grab photography
536d ago
face, ball, hit, sport, perfect timing, baseball

Baseball player hits himself in the face

face ball hit sport perfect timing baseball
493d ago
cat, funny face, photobomb, tongue, animals, pets

Me trying to pick up a girl

cat funny face photobomb tongue animals pets
374d ago
funny face, dogs, lol, real life, true story, funny edit, tough life

My life in one picture

funny face dogs lol real life true story funny edit tough life
451d ago
girl, pig, face swap

Face swap with a pig

girl pig face swap
417d ago
box, optical illusion, faces in things

Looking square

box optical illusion faces in things
383d ago
happy, washing machine, faces in things

One happy washing machine

happy washing machine faces in things
358d ago
message, funny face, movie, real life, true story, funny edit

oh, that's soooo familiar...

message funny face movie real life true story funny edit
465d ago
creative, teeth, ice cream, ad

Another great Colgate idea

creative teeth ice cream ad
523d ago
cat, face, celebrity, ugly, weird, pet, makeup

Frida Kahlo cat

cat face celebrity ugly weird pet makeup
306d ago
cat, funny face, dinner, true story, tough life, loneliness

Well, you know

cat funny face dinner true story tough life loneliness
477d ago
baby, Christmas, dad, family, creepy, man, faces, face swap

Man making the creepiest face swaps with his family

baby Christmas dad family creepy man faces face swap
410d ago
cat, funny face, home, lol, cats are assholes, weirdo

My cat is not a smart cat...

cat funny face home lol cats are assholes weirdo
383d ago
faces in things

Hello M'am

faces in things
337d ago
glasses, message, funny face, weird, humor, woman, funny edit, social media

I guess that is what they call "adult humor"

glasses message funny face weird humor woman funny edit social media
529d ago
dog, eyebrows

Dog with bold eyebrows

dog eyebrows
436d ago
funny face, selfie, bird, chicken, true story

Always the same story...

funny face selfie bird chicken true story
377d ago
dog, face, mask, robbery

Ready for the robbery

dog face mask robbery
361d ago
message, funny face, cats, reaction, real life, explicit, true story, funny edit

I recognize myself...

message funny face cats reaction real life explicit true story funny edit
468d ago
mouth, creative, light, teeth, dentist, ad, brilliant

Shiny white teeth

mouth creative light teeth dentist ad brilliant
518d ago
girl, woman, hair, beard, braided, redhead

Redhead woman with a beard

girl woman hair beard braided redhead
494d ago
fail, birthday, teeth, grandma

Granny blows out her candles and loses her teeth

fail birthday teeth grandma
394d ago
cat, funny face, surprised, reaction, explicit, weirdo

What you've just said?

cat funny face surprised reaction explicit weirdo
438d ago
dog, face, bread, Pomeranian

Pomeranian toast

dog face bread Pomeranian
390d ago
dog, funny face, humor, lol, confused, sad, true story, funny edit


dog funny face humor lol confused sad true story funny edit
430d ago
Barbie, face swap

Barbie and... Ken?

Barbie face swap
417d ago
faces in things

Curious plugs

faces in things
383d ago
window, evil, optical illusion, wall, faces in things

Evil wall

window evil optical illusion wall faces in things
492d ago
face, tattoo, bad decision

Permanent make-up

face tattoo bad decision
493d ago
bear, baby, nose, cute, animal, sleep

Baby bear falling asleep on his nose

bear baby nose cute animal sleep
382d ago
grocery store, duck, optical illusion, faces in things

Squash duck

grocery store duck optical illusion faces in things
453d ago
animals, nature, birds, meme, mfw, reaction gif, wild animals, BBC

How it feels like being a girl on the internet

animals nature birds meme mfw reaction gif wild animals BBC
539d ago
dog, phone, eyes

This dog looks skeptical

dog phone eyes
381d ago
dog, funny face, walking, lazy, lol, explicit

This is how much I don't wanna go to work tomorrow

dog funny face walking lazy lol explicit
459d ago
face, tongue, snow, cute, winter, animal, polar bear, bear cub

Hmmm snow!

face tongue snow cute winter animal polar bear bear cub
468d ago
creative, food, teeth, snack, popcorn, ad, brilliant

Brilliant marketing

creative food teeth snack popcorn ad brilliant
533d ago
cat, face, confused

Confused Cat

cat face confused
422d ago
street, faces in things

Careful! It's looking at you!

street faces in things
537d ago
face, fail, ball, hit, into face

Ball bounces into face

face fail ball hit into face
528d ago
face, baby, look-alike, parenting

Like father, like daughter

face baby look-alike parenting
357d ago
message, funny face, lol, Ron Swanson, funny edit, Parks and Recreation, TV series

How to lie about being milk

message funny face lol Ron Swanson funny edit Parks and Recreation TV series
411d ago
cow, kiss, optical illusion, faces in things

People kissing on this cows forehead

cow kiss optical illusion faces in things
382d ago
Darth Vader, optical illusion, faces in things

Darth Vader chocolate kiss

Darth Vader optical illusion faces in things
505d ago
cat, funny face, photobomb, human, pets

My master is an idiot

cat funny face photobomb human pets
577d ago
cat, fish bowl, face

Funny cat face through fish bowl

cat fish bowl face
519d ago
girl, bite, Apple, teeth

Girl bites apple ending up funny

girl bite Apple teeth
382d ago
smile, french fries, potato, faces in things

Smiling potato. He's got no ideo that he's about to become 8 french fries.

smile french fries potato faces in things
451d ago
baby, dad, child, face swap

Face swap with a baby

baby dad child face swap
416d ago
baby, dad, face swap

Don't let a baby do your taxes

baby dad face swap
503d ago
funny face, Japanese, TV show, Japan, wtf, rubber band, game show, Japanese game show

Ever game show should be a Japanese game show

funny face Japanese TV show Japan wtf rubber band game show Japanese game show
472d ago
football, face, sports, playing, American Football

Game over

football face sports playing American Football
505d ago
cat, funny face, photobomb, accident, human, pets

Right place right time

cat funny face photobomb accident human pets
565d ago
funny face, toddler, stunned

Toddler makes a funny face

funny face toddler stunned
373d ago
mom, funny face, man, lol, real life, true story, blame, texting, conversation, messaging

I have nothing to say to you

mom funny face man lol real life true story blame texting conversation messaging
422d ago
optical illusion, church, faces in places

This church just received some mindblowing news

optical illusion church faces in places
418d ago
funny face, cats, home, punishment, domination

Get out of the way!

funny face cats home punishment domination
497d ago
girl, funny face, prank, disgusting

Pranking mucus

girl funny face prank disgusting
362d ago
baby, pizza, facial expression

That's my piece. Where's yours?

baby pizza facial expression
517d ago
fail, birthday, boy, pain, eye

Don't blow it

fail birthday boy pain eye
537d ago
cats, spooky, eyes

Devil's eyes

cats spooky eyes
475d ago
face, photobomb, zoo, smile, wildlife, animal, man, hippo

Best buddies

face photobomb zoo smile wildlife animal man hippo
403d ago
cat, girl, stop, face swap

We are losing control

cat girl stop face swap
417d ago
optical illusion, faces in things

Happy metal

optical illusion faces in things
515d ago
cat, funny face, Christmas, snow, pets

His first snow

cat funny face Christmas snow pets
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