Funny drunk videos and pictures

You know that getting wasted was definitly a bad idea when a video or picture of you ends up on the internet but look at it from this angle: our DrBongo viewers are having a great time watching these drunk people fooling around.
277d ago
drunk, zoo, panda, women, animal

When you're drunk and your friends want to help you but you just won't let them

drunk zoo panda women animal
223d ago
drunk, party, skill, cooking, flip, pancakes

The most amazing pancake flip ever

drunk party skill cooking flip pancakes
228d ago
fail, Taylor Swift, sports, running, lol, fall, wasted


fail Taylor Swift sports running lol fall wasted
270d ago
drunk, cute, wildlife, animal, walk, elephants

Baby elephant having a rough morning

drunk cute wildlife animal walk elephants
269d ago
costume, prank, golf, wasted, Rémi Gaillard

The golf devil

costume prank golf wasted Rémi Gaillard
359d ago
drunk, beer, drinking, fast

Beer drinking record

drunk beer drinking fast
202d ago
drunk, prank, sleeping, party, Snapchat

Never get drunk and fall asleep around these guys

drunk prank sleeping party Snapchat
316d ago
drunk, snow, alcohol, winter, squirrel, animals, backyard

The adventures of a drunk squirrel

drunk snow alcohol winter squirrel animals backyard
354d ago
drunk, yoga, alcohol

Drunk yoga

drunk yoga alcohol
363d ago
drunk, fail, laughing, egg

Drunk old guy almost stands on egg

drunk fail laughing egg
269d ago
drunk, dancing, party, Russia, parking lot, Eastern Europe

Be part of the ultimate Russian dance party

drunk dancing party Russia parking lot Eastern Europe
337d ago
beer, crash, skating, skateboard, wasted, ouch, Skandinavia

Swedish skater crashed while carrying case of beer

beer crash skating skateboard wasted ouch Skandinavia
422d ago
mascot, football, Austria, drunk

Football mascot totally drunk

mascot football Austria drunk
365d ago
drunk, fail, lol, problem


drunk fail lol problem
369d ago
drunk, party, Jonah Hill

Drunk Jonah Hill

drunk party Jonah Hill
283d ago
drunk, alcohol, hair, fire, drinking, head, wtf, burning

Everybody gather around the fire!

drunk alcohol hair fire drinking head wtf burning
354d ago
drunk, Star Wars, driving

Flying with my brothers

drunk Star Wars driving
359d ago
drunk, car, man, fall down

Drunk man down

drunk car man fall down
368d ago
drunk, jump, fail, dunk

Some people take Beer Pong very seriously

drunk jump fail dunk
276d ago
Ozzy Osbourne, celebrity, lying, answer, interview, TV, wasted, honest, question

Ozzy is clearly sober

Ozzy Osbourne celebrity lying answer interview TV wasted honest question
251d ago
drunk, baby, hangover, alcohol, face swap

I so feel this hungover baby...

drunk baby hangover alcohol face swap
358d ago
drunk, fail, pizza, food, cooking, college, university, roommate

Drunk roommate leaves Pizza in the oven over night

drunk fail pizza food cooking college university roommate
337d ago
drunk, alcohol, sports, popcorn, sports stadium, sports fan

Drunk guy enjoys rainy day at the sports game

drunk alcohol sports popcorn sports stadium sports fan
276d ago
drunk, celebrity, commercial, alcohol, woman, actress, drive, Super Bowl

Helen Mirren tells you not to be a pillock in the Budweiser commercial

drunk celebrity commercial alcohol woman actress drive Super Bowl
223d ago
drunk, fail, bottle, clumsy, roof, stumble

Well, that didn't go according to plan

drunk fail bottle clumsy roof stumble
300d ago
jump, fail, clumsy, wasted, coffee, ouch

Never try to jump over the hedge with a cup of coffee in your hand

jump fail clumsy wasted coffee ouch
276d ago
drunk, prank, hungry, friends, salad

Passed out man wants salad

drunk prank hungry friends salad
295d ago
drunk, prank, sleeping, wtf, salad, vine, sleeping prank

Craig can eat some salad

drunk prank sleeping wtf salad vine sleeping prank
355d ago
fail, band, music, wasted

Involuntary stage dive doesn't go too well

fail band music wasted
362d ago
drunk, glass, door, man, falls, hits

Drunk guy hits glass door

drunk glass door man falls hits
283d ago
drunk, fail, news, woman, TV anchor

Sound like a drunk

drunk fail news woman TV anchor
321d ago
drunk, fail, bottle, guy, fighting, skills

Funny bottle play

drunk fail bottle guy fighting skills
228d ago
cat, jump, fail, laugh, fall, wasted, tough life

Cat not a cat

cat jump fail laugh fall wasted tough life
194d ago
fail, kids, perfect timing, wasted, ouch

Bouncing castles are evil

fail kids perfect timing wasted ouch
338d ago
fail, party, DJ, live, wasted, live music

DJs crush their turntables during live set

fail party DJ live wasted live music
359d ago
drunk, fail, girls, selfie, fall

Drunk selfie gone wrong

drunk fail girls selfie fall
drunk, girls, alcohol, sign, store, grocery

Your home for wasted white girls

drunk girls alcohol sign store grocery
309d ago
fail, office, lazy, chair, wasted, ouch, chips

Lazy guy tries to reach for a bag of chips

fail office lazy chair wasted ouch chips
284d ago
drunk, costume, panda, animals, fire, wtf, camping

Drunk panda sets himself on fire

drunk costume panda animals fire wtf camping
190d ago
drunk, fail, men, bump, selfie stick

Drunk people with a selfie stick

drunk fail men bump selfie stick
309d ago
fail, wasted, ouch, backflip

You can't backflip off of everything

fail wasted ouch backflip
272d ago
drunk, lifting

One way to lift your passed out friend

drunk lifting