Funny colleagues & co-workers videos and pictures

284d ago
goat, office, dogs, work, man, animals, surprise, pigs, rabbits

Guys work day is full of the cutest surprises

goat office dogs work man animals surprise pigs rabbits
271d ago
dog, costume, office, human, computer, Golden Retriever

Dog doing office work

dog costume office human computer Golden Retriever
337d ago
music, construction, construction worker, Heavey Metal

Heavy Metal construction worker

music construction construction worker Heavey Metal
301d ago
fail, construction fail, wtf, stairs, sports stadium, ironic

That's not how accessability for the disabled works

fail construction fail wtf stairs sports stadium ironic
304d ago
office, work, construction

A typical Monday's work

office work construction
345d ago
skill, wtf, power tools, tools, construction site, construction worker

For some reason this guy has mastered the tape measure

skill wtf power tools tools construction site construction worker
297d ago
office, sign, spelling, grammar

The errorists win

office sign spelling grammar
320d ago
fail, office, office fails

When the new guy fixes the copier

fail office office fails
364d ago
costume, office, Halloween, dinosaurs, T Rex, office humor

Halloween at the office

costume office Halloween dinosaurs T Rex office humor
290d ago
printer, office, paper, efficient

All in one

printer office paper efficient
332d ago
dog, office, pet, sign, dog shaming

Perfect office dog

dog office pet sign dog shaming
416d ago
Bob Marley, printer, office

Bob Marley and the printer queue

Bob Marley printer office
177d ago
office, sign, colleague

Complaints? Take a number!

office sign colleague
357d ago
fail, office, work

I can't find my screwdriver anywhere. Wait...!

fail office work
259d ago
car, friends, cool, teamwork, street

This is how we do! Teamwork!

car friends cool teamwork street
308d ago
construction, oddly satisfying, disgusting, construction site, construction work

Constructions workers fix clogged waterpipe

construction oddly satisfying disgusting construction site construction work
259d ago
office, GoPro, parody, office humor

Gotta bring your GoPro to the office to get some sick footage

office GoPro parody office humor
238d ago
office, prank, work, vegetables, reactions

Guy pranks his workmates on April Fool's and films their funny reactions

office prank work vegetables reactions
315d ago
fail, toilet, door, laughing, contagious laughter, plumber fail

Plumber installs new toilet but forgets about a tiny detail

fail toilet door laughing contagious laughter plumber fail
361d ago
office, wtf, nerf

Guy attaches Nerf Darts to his contact lenses

office wtf nerf
299d ago
jump, fight, teamwork, sumo, wrestling, cheater

Double teamed

jump fight teamwork sumo wrestling cheater
336d ago
office, old man, wtf, office humor, keyboard, old people, seniors

Old man types on keyboard like it's a typewriter

office old man wtf office humor keyboard old people seniors
294d ago
fail, grocery store, food, wtf, spider, salad, packaging fail

There's a fresh spider inside the fresh salad

fail grocery store food wtf spider salad packaging fail
242d ago
celebrity, office, TV show, lol, real life, true story

Exactly my case

celebrity office TV show lol real life true story
206d ago
puppy, office, cute, asleep, Mondays, sleeping position

Office days really get me

puppy office cute asleep Mondays sleeping position
268d ago
fail, funny face, advertising fail, advertising

Unfortunate advertising

fail funny face advertising fail advertising
223d ago
kid, office, TV show, lol, reaction, explicit, funny edit

God, please, no

kid office TV show lol reaction explicit funny edit
200d ago
celebrity, office, humor, man, true story, funny edit, TV series

Finals is coming to town

celebrity office humor man true story funny edit TV series
259d ago
fail, slide, ouch, slippery, British, construction workers

British construction workers don't follow their own advice

fail slide ouch slippery British construction workers
305d ago
fail, pizza, work, food, kitchen, clumsy, restaurant, ouch, work fail, restaurant kitchen

Taking a pizza out the oven can be pretty hard

fail pizza work food kitchen clumsy restaurant ouch work fail restaurant kitchen
308d ago
fail, office, lazy, chair, wasted, ouch, chips

Lazy guy tries to reach for a bag of chips

fail office lazy chair wasted ouch chips
333d ago
work, mirror, work accident

Broken mirror means a horrible day at work

work mirror work accident
308d ago
fail, balloon, alien, advertising fail, product fail

Alien balloon doesn't quite live up to customer expectations

fail balloon alien advertising fail product fail
197d ago
office, bored, office humor, alien

That's exactly how I remember that scene from the movie

office bored office humor alien