Funny beer videos and pictures

Who would have guessed that water, malted barley, a brewer's yeast, and hops can be fermented into something as delicious as beer? Well, somebody did and that's why we dedicated this playlist to the popular drink.
317d ago
cute, beer, monkey, animal, restaurant

Monkey at the table

cute beer monkey animal restaurant
219d ago
engineering, hold my beer

Now THAT'S an awesome robot ride

engineering hold my beer
284d ago
beer, alcohol, lazy, engineering, drone

The amazing beer drone

beer alcohol lazy engineering drone
309d ago
drunk, beer, drinking, fast

Beer drinking record

drunk beer drinking fast
235d ago
prank, party, beer, men, friends, water tap

This dude decides to throw a party after discovering there was only beer coming out of the taps

prank party beer men friends water tap
321d ago
parrot, useful, beer

Parrot helps owner opening beer

parrot useful beer
309d ago
beer, street, blackboard, rain

Beer Vs Rain

beer street blackboard rain
210d ago
Japanese, beer, alcohol, drinking, Japan, bar, bar trick

Japanese guy devours beer

Japanese beer alcohol drinking Japan bar bar trick
224d ago
beer, sign, bar

Funny bar sign – Beer is importanter

beer sign bar
239d ago
beer, alcohol, sign, pub

You could've done so much better

beer alcohol sign pub
219d ago
playground, swing, ouch, bad idea, hold my beer

But... why?

playground swing ouch bad idea hold my beer
287d ago
beer, crash, skating, skateboard, wasted, ouch, Skandinavia

Swedish skater crashed while carrying case of beer

beer crash skating skateboard wasted ouch Skandinavia
266d ago
beer, lake, guy, nailed it, push

Saving what is important in life

beer lake guy nailed it push
245d ago
beer, movie, surfing, movie edit, funny edit, Anne Hathaway, movie scene

I don't remember this scene from Interstellar

beer movie surfing movie edit funny edit Anne Hathaway movie scene
191d ago
beer, alcohol, parents, children, Finnish

Finnish children shopping with their parents on a booze day

beer alcohol parents children Finnish
255d ago
beer, alcohol, sign, drink

An irresistable bargain

beer alcohol sign drink
280d ago
win, beer, catch, skill, pro, throwing, live music, singer

Band singer effortlessly catches beer

win beer catch skill pro throwing live music singer
242d ago
answer, school, beer, alcohol, student, exam

Beer-Lambert law

answer school beer alcohol student exam
271d ago
ice skating, winter, chainsaw, wtf, lake, hold my beer, frozen lake

Chainsaw ice skating

ice skating winter chainsaw wtf lake hold my beer frozen lake
143d ago
Austria, fail, beer, men, power tool

Men, beer and power tools

Austria fail beer men power tool
224d ago
beer, sign, trick, bar

Funny bar sign – might actually work with drunk people

beer sign trick bar
318d ago
beer, alcohol, decoration, lamp, do it yourself, classy

If you've got too many to throw away: bottle chandelier

beer alcohol decoration lamp do it yourself classy
318d ago
Christmas, beer, alcohol, decoration, classy

The beer can door wreath

Christmas beer alcohol decoration classy
225d ago
music, beer, song, playing, bottles, boys

Boys playing the Flight Of The Bumblebee with beer bottles

music beer song playing bottles boys
318d ago
Christmas, beer, alcohol, decoration, do it yourself, classy

Very classy

Christmas beer alcohol decoration do it yourself classy
233d ago
commercial, beer, trick shot, Dude Perfect, beer commercial

Hey, pass me a beer!

commercial beer trick shot Dude Perfect beer commercial
242d ago
beer, alcohol, man, sign, money, alien, homeless

Space ship crashed

beer alcohol man sign money alien homeless
313d ago
snow, beer, home, fridge

awesome homemade fridge!

snow beer home fridge
233d ago
riding, wtf, cart, street, shopping cart, bad idea, hold my beer

Shopping carts make for pretty good high speed transportation

riding wtf cart street shopping cart bad idea hold my beer
308d ago
fail, party, beer, alcohol, box, style, dress

These girl's boyfriends like to invest in beer rather than clothes

fail party beer alcohol box style dress
289d ago
win, beer, sports, man

True Man

win beer sports man
311d ago
beer, alcohol, wildlife, otter, steal

Otter stealing a Bud Light

beer alcohol wildlife otter steal
305d ago
party, beer, alcohol, chillin', men

When there's nothing you can do, that's all you can do

party beer alcohol chillin' men
220d ago
football, beer, advertisement, soccer

Soccer fan gets pranked big time

football beer advertisement soccer
312d ago
fail, beer, explosion, ATM

Exploding beer

fail beer explosion ATM
317d ago
dog, beer, bar

Dog having a beer

dog beer bar
247d ago
Christmas, beer, alcohol, sign, spelling, iPad, pub

Sorry you didn't get an iPad

Christmas beer alcohol sign spelling iPad pub