647d ago
fail, fishing, swordfish

Fishing gone wrong

fail fishing swordfish
595d ago
fail, fish, scary, sea, boat, fishing, swordfish, overboard

Swordfish chases man off of fishing boat

fail fish scary sea boat fishing swordfish overboard
553d ago
bite, wildlife, woman, water, hand, fish

Come on you little fishy!

bite wildlife woman water hand fish
581d ago
dog, dogs, unexpected, animals, fish, skill, fishing, Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever dog has figured out ninja fishing

dog dogs unexpected animals fish skill fishing Golden Retriever
519d ago
prank, call, work, fishing, boss, sick

Prankster calling in "sick" to a place where he doesn't even work

prank call work fishing boss sick
603d ago
dog, costume, pet, shark, dress up, Shar Pei, Paddington

Sharky Paddington

dog costume pet shark dress up Shar Pei Paddington
618d ago
dog, cute, fish

Fish scares dog

dog cute fish
549d ago
photobomb, wedding, shark, reflection

Is the shark and me forever

photobomb wedding shark reflection
645d ago
wildlife, fish, scary, shark, sea

Shark eating shark

wildlife fish scary shark sea
593d ago
cat, cute, cats, kitten, animals, shark, surprise, plush shark

The shark has ate my kitten!

cat cute cats kitten animals shark surprise plush shark
633d ago
cat, chasing, duck, shark, vacuum cleaner

Shark attack

cat chasing duck shark vacuum cleaner
594d ago
girl, face, fail, fish, nature, sea, storm, slap

Just a girl getting a fish thrown at her face

girl face fail fish nature sea storm slap
577d ago
woman, retro, fishing, vintage, vending machine

YUCK! Worm vending machine

woman retro fishing vintage vending machine
653d ago
fish, boat, sea lion, fishing

Sea lion wants to have a ride... or some fish

fish boat sea lion fishing
645d ago
dog, game, playing, fishing, iPad

Dog playing iPad game furiously

dog game playing fishing iPad
641d ago
animals, food, fish, cooking, owned, chef, cook

Fish gets last revenge on chef

animals food fish cooking owned chef cook
570d ago
funny face, eyes, fish, mfw, reaction gif, aquarium

Fish has an existential crisis

funny face eyes fish mfw reaction gif aquarium
596d ago
fail, man, fish, fishing

It WAS a big fish

fail man fish fishing
642d ago
shark, laugh, Toy Story

Laughing shark

shark laugh Toy Story
579d ago
fish, lol, son, pun

Come here fishy, fishy

fish lol son pun
641d ago
toilet, kid, boy, fish, pets, parenting, cry

Boy cries over his dead fish

toilet kid boy fish pets parenting cry
576d ago
baby, cute, wildlife, animal, amazing, fish, sea

Apparently that's a swordfish baby

baby cute wildlife animal amazing fish sea
552d ago
fail, cow, cartoon, shark, danger, drawing

Sharks are not THAT dangerous

fail cow cartoon shark danger drawing
500d ago
optical illusion, shark, chase, cloud

Cloud shark chasing little cloud fish

optical illusion shark chase cloud
587d ago
news, news reporter, fish, storm, TV news

News reporter takes a flying fish to the head

news news reporter fish storm TV news
525d ago
toddler, music, child, reaction, theme song, Jaws

Toddler's cute reactions to Jaws theme song

toddler music child reaction theme song Jaws
570d ago
stone, fish, wtf, fishing, flood

Casually fishing during a flood

stone fish wtf fishing flood
533d ago
dog, girl, perfect timing, fishing

A long-haired dog? or a dog-faced girl?

dog girl perfect timing fishing
494d ago
weird, chicken, food, fish, smoke

What's for lunch? Smoked fish!

weird chicken food fish smoke
592d ago
men, water, fishing, flood

A little rain turned the pub into a fishing area

men water fishing flood
633d ago
news, reporter, speechless, shark, TV, news anchor, huge

Huge shark makes news anchors speechless

news reporter speechless shark TV news anchor huge
655d ago
duck, shark, sea

Shark has an eye on his lunch

duck shark sea
515d ago
fail, shopping, fish, wife, haha, shop

When the wife wants to shop

fail shopping fish wife haha shop
656d ago
tuna, fish

Tuna vibrator

tuna fish