Using "cool" and "fan" at the same time may get you killed

126d ago
222d ago
fail, celebrity, Adriana Grande, musician, flirt, text message

Send me a pic ^^!

fail celebrity Adriana Grande musician flirt text message
222d ago
fail, flirt, text message

Flirting gone wrong

fail flirt text message
156d ago
yolo, mum, texting, parents and technology

YOLO... how Mum thought it was used

yolo mum texting parents and technology
132d ago
notes, passive aggressive

Don't print large jobs

notes passive aggressive
124d ago
passive aggressive, parking note

...a bloody sardine

passive aggressive parking note
132d ago
fridge, notes

Fridge notes

fridge notes
186d ago
message, celebrity, funny face, lol, Kanye West, true story, funny edit

Always the same question...

message celebrity funny face lol Kanye West true story funny edit
222d ago
fail, work, flirt, text message

Slight misunderstanding

fail work flirt text message
124d ago
passive aggressive, parking note

If it was in my power...

passive aggressive parking note
197d ago
message, lol, real life, true story, texting

My social like be like...

message lol real life true story texting
150d ago
message, humor, lol, real life, true story, relationships

Wow ... straight to the point

message humor lol real life true story relationships
222d ago
fail, flirt, text message

Poor soul

fail flirt text message
166d ago
message, real life, explicit, smart, true story, truth

The truth of life

message real life explicit smart true story truth
196d ago
humor, woman, man, friends, real life, funny faces, true story, texting

It worth a try

humor woman man friends real life funny faces true story texting
186d ago
message, beard, man, nature, afro, why?, funny name, weirdo

Fashion killa

message beard man nature afro why? funny name weirdo
143d ago
dog, message, humor, lol, cartoon, real life, true story, funny edit

Story of my life

dog message humor lol cartoon real life true story funny edit
121d ago
message, funny face, puppy, grumpy, funny edit, social media, backyard

Grumpy Cat's brother from another mother

message funny face puppy grumpy funny edit social media backyard
118d ago
message, love, humor, lol, real life, explicit, true story

I won't even argue...

message love humor lol real life explicit true story
252d ago
car, accident, bad, sign, note

Wow a soap bar can fix my car

car accident bad sign note
message, doll, humor, real life, true story, funny edit

Yeah, right?

message doll humor real life true story funny edit
222d ago
fail, scary, flirt, text message

Scare the hell out of your friend

fail scary flirt text message
289d ago
message, lol, shirt

She likes it and he knows it

message lol shirt
222d ago
fail, date, flirt, text message

Very embarrassing

fail date flirt text message
249d ago
fat, kid, Halloween, weird, sign, neighbors, letter, note

Bad neighbors

fat kid Halloween weird sign neighbors letter note
150d ago
message, humor, lol, real life, explicit, tough life, dreams

High hopes

message humor lol real life explicit tough life dreams
147d ago
message, humor, real life, guy, true story, funny edit

Yes, still

message humor real life guy true story funny edit
157d ago
frog, humor, lol, texting, conversation, messaging

But yeah...

frog humor lol texting conversation messaging
141d ago
message, humor, lol, Ron Swanson, funny edit, Parks and Recreation, TV series

I wish everyone could be such simple

message humor lol Ron Swanson funny edit Parks and Recreation TV series
139d ago
sad, watch, sms

Sad Pebble Time Watch review

sad watch sms
325d ago
joke, missing, notice

Missing: half of poster

joke missing notice
124d ago
mean, parking note

Super bad behaviour

mean parking note