346d ago
fail, construction fail, wtf, stairs, sports stadium, ironic

That's not how accessability for the disabled works

fail construction fail wtf stairs sports stadium ironic
410d ago
yoga, cat, girl, cute, camera, hot, sexy, pets, show

Cat steals the show

yoga cat girl cute camera hot sexy pets show
321d ago
airplane, commercial, woman, man, Doritos, snack, Super Bowl

Middle Seat

airplane commercial woman man Doritos snack Super Bowl
356d ago
fail, photobomb, girls, creepy, butt, man, beach

Creepy stranger

fail photobomb girls creepy butt man beach
398d ago
girl, baby, cute, game

This is called thinking outside the box

girl baby cute game
347d ago
dancing, party, woman, dance, man, lol

Real hotshot

dancing party woman dance man lol
272d ago
crazy, Russia, lol, guy, metro

When you really need to arrive at work on time.

crazy Russia lol guy metro
347d ago
toddler, child, store, clothing, bras

This is not my moms size

toddler child store clothing bras
272d ago
man, TV show, lol, laugh, true story, funny edit

Resisting in progress

man TV show lol laugh true story funny edit
354d ago
girls, playing, playground, having fun, swings

Taking playing on the swing together to a new level

girls playing playground having fun swings
405d ago
man, optical illusion, photography, giant, cars

Giant man plays with real cars

man optical illusion photography giant cars
414d ago
moves, woman, dance

Do a little dance

moves woman dance
404d ago
cat, human

Cat being nice to its human

cat human
404d ago
girl, fight, attack, men, wtf, fighting, martial arts

Girl totally kicking the ass of her attackers by using martial arts

girl fight attack men wtf fighting martial arts
368d ago
girl, cute, TV, little, cry

Little girl doesn't want the man on TV to cry

girl cute TV little cry
315d ago
toilet, kid, mischief

Daddy said mummy's magazines are crappy...

toilet kid mischief
296d ago
mouth, human, creepy, dogs

Dogs with human mouths are surprisingly creepy

mouth human creepy dogs
208d ago
kids, mom, family, lol, nailed it, funny edit, home video

Mom made a video about her life with two restless children

kids mom family lol nailed it funny edit home video
356d ago
cat, selfie, pet, man


cat selfie pet man
378d ago
goat, Asian, little boy

My new chair

goat Asian little boy
335d ago
kid, answer, school, exam, test

F on the test but A+ for creativity

kid answer school exam test
345d ago
baby, dad, daughter, family, toddler, parenting, twins, twin

Twin dads troll baby daughter

baby dad daughter family toddler parenting twins twin
290d ago
repair, boys, motorbike

Well, boys just never change

repair boys motorbike
347d ago
girl, fail, child, hug, grandma

Rude child

girl fail child hug grandma
311d ago
jump, fail, man, lol, fall, situation

Man, you are not a kid anymore

jump fail man lol fall situation
296d ago
baby, costume, St. Patrick's Day, washing machine, paint

This little leprechaun will melt everyone's heart

baby costume St. Patrick's Day washing machine paint
273d ago
girl, humor, movie, true story, funny edit

curtain falls

girl humor movie true story funny edit
352d ago
girl, baby, dad, toddler, cute, interview, answers, questions

A toddler gives the best answers in an interview with her dad

girl baby dad toddler cute interview answers questions
350d ago
office, work, construction

A typical Monday's work

office work construction
283d ago
cat, music, man, lol, match, funny edit

cool tandem

cat music man lol match funny edit
294d ago
snow, lol, guy

Snow shoving difficulty god

snow lol guy
363d ago
girl, real life, nailed it, expectations

It seemed way easier on Instagram

girl real life nailed it expectations
270d ago
girl, baby, playing, lol, run, escaping, funny edit

There is always one right decision - just run away!

girl baby playing lol run escaping funny edit
377d ago
girl, dancing, boy, dance, videobomb

He definitely saved the situation

girl dancing boy dance videobomb
318d ago
funny face, baby, true story, tough life

Story of my life

funny face baby true story tough life
379d ago
girl, fail, bikini, sexy, fall, lake, gymnastics

Am I a cheerleader yet?

girl fail bikini sexy fall lake gymnastics
403d ago
dog, baby, dad, toddler, happy, child, welcome, daddy

Toddler and dog both freaking out of happiness when daddy is coming home

dog baby dad toddler happy child welcome daddy
325d ago
cat, cute, woman, pet, animal

Fighting hot air

cat cute woman pet animal
385d ago
dog, basketball, ball, game, man, friends

Man plays basketball with his dog

dog basketball ball game man friends
322d ago
drunk, zoo, panda, women, animal

When you're drunk and your friends want to help you but you just won't let them

drunk zoo panda women animal
333d ago
girl, fail, dad, daughter, prank, hurting

Girl's epic prank fail

girl fail dad daughter prank hurting
283d ago
guy, crabs

Don't mess with mother nature

guy crabs
390d ago
skill, wtf, power tools, tools, construction site, construction worker

For some reason this guy has mastered the tape measure

skill wtf power tools tools construction site construction worker
317d ago
dog, glasses, costume, human, reading, Golden Retriever

Dog doing some important paper work

dog glasses costume human reading Golden Retriever
319d ago
Star Wars, father, music, song, Chewbacca, son, Yoda, oven, trumpet

Chewie and Yoga reenacting the 'Dad Playing Trumpet, Boy Playing Oven' video

Star Wars father music song Chewbacca son Yoda oven trumpet
343d ago
office, sign, spelling, grammar

The errorists win

office sign spelling grammar
399d ago
kid, accident, hit, head, playground

Kid hits his head going down the slide

kid accident hit head playground
383d ago
daughter, first date, protective dad

First date

daughter first date protective dad
413d ago
girl, boy, hit, kiss, turkey

Do not kiss me!

girl boy hit kiss turkey
366d ago
fail, office, office fails

When the new guy fixes the copier

fail office office fails
392d ago
hair, man, burning, hurting

Man removing his moustache after Movember, don't try at home!

hair man burning hurting
355d ago
kid, toddler, cute, winter, snowboard, amazing, sport

14 months old and snowboarding

kid toddler cute winter snowboard amazing sport
407d ago
man, jumps, golf, cart

Man jumps over golf cart

man jumps golf cart
311d ago
hit, head, swing, guy

I came in like a wrecking ball

hit head swing guy
361d ago
girl, kid, dandelion, eat, flower

Girl tries blowing a dandelion

girl kid dandelion eat flower
354d ago
crazy, woman, man, no

Yes No

crazy woman man no
332d ago
Japanese, old man, men, laughing, TV, faces, grandpa, funny faces

This grandpa is the most badass contestant in the history of Try Not to Laugh competitions

Japanese old man men laughing TV faces grandpa funny faces
293d ago
fail, accident, man, longboarding, helmet

He loves helmets... for a really good reason!

fail accident man longboarding helmet
333d ago
baby, fart, scared, lol

I wasn't farting

baby fart scared lol
333d ago
baby, cute, monster

Roar like a monster

baby cute monster