Plug this leak

337d ago
299d ago
water, falling over, guys, hiking

I decided to go swimming

water falling over guys hiking
351d ago
fail, news, accident, reporter, water, fall, TV, blooper

Reporter fails to report

fail news accident reporter water fall TV blooper
260d ago
water, guy, slip, board

Slip not found

water guy slip board
259d ago
machine, outdoors, engineering, grill, grilling, river, genius, water wheel

Grilling ideas for the coming summer

machine outdoors engineering grill grilling river genius water wheel
171d ago
music, men, water, nailed it, vine, skills, funny edit, like a boss

Why should we hire you?

music men water nailed it vine skills funny edit like a boss
190d ago
weird, water, stairs, rain

Water, what are you doing?

weird water stairs rain
303d ago
fail, kids, water, children, glass door

Kids don't quite get how a glass door works

fail kids water children glass door
366d ago
girl, photo, water, throwup, waterfall

GIrl has hangover

girl photo water throwup waterfall
268d ago
jump, fail, kid, pool, water

1, 2, 3, ju... fall

jump fail kid pool water
360d ago
wildlife, optical illusion, perfect timing, sea, photography

Fish head

wildlife optical illusion perfect timing sea photography
230d ago
baby, cute, water, slip

Failing to grow

baby cute water slip
311d ago
car, accident, boy, water, drinking, toy car

Dont drink and drive

car accident boy water drinking toy car
298d ago
woman, sea, ad

Oh no the kraken got her!

woman sea ad
367d ago
duck, shark, sea

Shark has an eye on his lunch

duck shark sea
346d ago
fail, falling, water, rappers, photoshoot

Rappers having a photoshoot, turns out to be a wet fail

fail falling water rappers photoshoot
200d ago
name fail, irony, water, boat

No worries

name fail irony water boat
304d ago
men, water, fishing, flood

A little rain turned the pub into a fishing area

men water fishing flood
354d ago
fail, water, drink, art

How long can you live without water?

fail water drink art
sale, water, sign, moving, house, flood

For sale

sale water sign moving house flood
256d ago
school, playing, guys, water bottle

This is why you can't play on the corridors

school playing guys water bottle
282d ago
water, college, student, class, competetive eating, water bottle

Student quickly empties water bottle in a fraction of a second

water college student class competetive eating water bottle