The Lego walk of fire

375d ago
344d ago
joke, men, trick, hurt, fighting

The shortest way is the best way

joke men trick hurt fighting
414d ago
farm, cow, fireworks, poop, ouch, bad idea, farm life

Kid blows up cow poop all over himself

farm cow fireworks poop ouch bad idea farm life
417d ago
fail, dancing, accident, fire, twerking, ouch, home accident, home video, living room

Twerking video goes horribly wrong

fail dancing accident fire twerking ouch home accident home video living room
445d ago
fail, woman, pole dancing, hurt

Pole dancing is harder than it looks

fail woman pole dancing hurt
340d ago
fail, fitness, gym, ouch, fitness studio, running wheel, Moon TV

Running wheels are humankinds worst enemy

fail fitness gym ouch fitness studio running wheel Moon TV
374d ago
dog, prank, boy, hurt, laser, laser pointer

In this video the dog being teased with a laser pointer is not the poorest victim

dog prank boy hurt laser laser pointer
335d ago
hit, couple, romantic, rocks

Trying to be romantic and failing

hit couple romantic rocks
413d ago
girl, karma, hit, tower, blocks, Lego

When you don't calculate the fall

girl karma hit tower blocks Lego
434d ago
kid, accident, hit, head, playground

Kid hits his head going down the slide

kid accident hit head playground
446d ago
cat, attack, kitten, hit, balloon, pet, perfect timing, photography

Kitty is going to beat the hell out of this balloon

cat attack kitten hit balloon pet perfect timing photography
401d ago
jump, fail, fence, ouch, bad idea

Man jumps head-first through wooden fence

jump fail fence ouch bad idea
328d ago
fail, boy, hit, exercise

When instructions are not clear

fail boy hit exercise
307d ago
China, Michael Jackson, dance, hurting, Billy Jean

Chinese version of Billy Jean's music video

China Michael Jackson dance hurting Billy Jean
446d ago
Austria, accident, bike, hit, perfect timing, fall, photography, tourist

Biker hits lamppost - moment caught on tourist photo

Austria accident bike hit perfect timing fall photography tourist
448d ago
girl, boy, hit, kiss, turkey

Do not kiss me!

girl boy hit kiss turkey
414d ago
sports, exercise, balls, gymnastics, athletic, ouch

Guy makes fatal mistake during balance beam exercise

sports exercise balls gymnastics athletic ouch
427d ago
hair, man, burning, hurting

Man removing his moustache after Movember, don't try at home!

hair man burning hurting
346d ago
hit, head, swing, guy

I came in like a wrecking ball

hit head swing guy
349d ago
ouch, funny edit, foot

Clipping your toenails is a dangerous endeavour

ouch funny edit foot
448d ago
karma, hit, chair, friends, fall

Instant karma

karma hit chair friends fall
448d ago
ball, hit, sport, head, baseball

Don't throw the ball when no one is watching

ball hit sport head baseball
361d ago
hitting, hurt, revenge

Street sign's revenge

hitting hurt revenge
349d ago
playground, swing, ouch, bad idea, hold my beer

But... why?

playground swing ouch bad idea hold my beer
397d ago
accident, hit, head


accident hit head
382d ago
fail, running, ouch, races

Running competition has an awkward finish

fail running ouch races
442d ago
glass, window, zoo, monkey, hits, swinging

Swinging monkey hits glass window

glass window zoo monkey hits swinging
396d ago
fail, fitness, workout, ouch, fitness studio

Two girls try fitness trick and fail

fail fitness workout ouch fitness studio
303d ago
fail, dizzy, playground, spinning, ouch

When things at the playground go too far

fail dizzy playground spinning ouch
435d ago
fail, kids, kid, Jenga, games, ouch

Kid refuses to lose at giant Jenga game

fail kids kid Jenga games ouch
346d ago
door, boy, hit, parenting

How to deny entrance to your kids

door boy hit parenting
417d ago
beer, crash, skating, skateboard, wasted, ouch, Skandinavia

Swedish skater crashed while carrying case of beer

beer crash skating skateboard wasted ouch Skandinavia
378d ago
teeth, pain, ice cream, ad, brilliant

Sensitive teeth

teeth pain ice cream ad brilliant
401d ago
football, hit, head, block

What a great block

football hit head block
426d ago
fail, bowling, ouch, bowling ball

Bowling ball to the balls

fail bowling ouch bowling ball
313d ago
hit, laugh, brothers

Hitting it all

hit laugh brothers
303d ago
fail, unexpected, clumsy, ouch

No taco ever comes free

fail unexpected clumsy ouch
396d ago
jump, fail, kids, kid, movie, ouch, slow motion, movie edit, funny edit, Matrix

Slow motion Matrix jump fail

jump fail kids kid movie ouch slow motion movie edit funny edit Matrix
369d ago
cute, bunny, easter, wildlife, animal, garden, hurt, flower

Bunny muching a thistle

cute bunny easter wildlife animal garden hurt flower
382d ago
Harry Potter, kick, animated, balls, nuts, ouch

Hermine kicks Draco Malfoy in the nuts

Harry Potter kick animated balls nuts ouch
407d ago
ice, winter, Frozen (movie), contagious laughter, garbage, ouch, garbage day, icy, slippery

Taking out the trash during frozen weather

ice winter Frozen (movie) contagious laughter garbage ouch garbage day icy slippery
396d ago
fail, fitness, workout, ouch, fitness studio

Fitness ball trick doesn't go quite as planned

fail fitness workout ouch fitness studio
426d ago
fail, Christmas, crash, hoverboard, ouch

Handstand on Hoverboard obviously goes wrong

fail Christmas crash hoverboard ouch
417d ago
fail, glass, ouch, world record, E!, E! Entertainment

Guy attempts Guiness World Record of jumping through glass

fail glass ouch world record E! E! Entertainment
265d ago
drunk, jump, fail, bench, ouch, bad idea

The little bench that fought back

drunk jump fail bench ouch bad idea
282d ago
kid, father, baseball, Japan, balls, ouch

And that's why kids and baseball are a dangerous combination

kid father baseball Japan balls ouch
432d ago
fail, accident, music, hit, fall

Great foresight

fail accident music hit fall
292d ago
toddler, unexpected, mail, ouch

Unexpected mail

toddler unexpected mail ouch
434d ago
monkey, hit, TV, blooper

Monkey hits woman in the face on TV

monkey hit TV blooper
282d ago
accident, crash, cycling, ouch, motorbike, professional sports

Wrong place at the wrong time

accident crash cycling ouch motorbike professional sports
410d ago
cactus, screaming, pain, Jackass, ouch, bad idea

The cactus duel

cactus screaming pain Jackass ouch bad idea
446d ago
face, ball, hit, sport, perfect timing, baseball, photography

...and then desaster struck

face ball hit sport perfect timing baseball photography
347d ago
fail, hit, woman, riding, street


fail hit woman riding street
346d ago
hit, brothers, show

It's my turn to shine

hit brothers show
404d ago
boy, fence, hits, garden, bicyclist, dead end

Bicyclist comes to a dead end

boy fence hits garden bicyclist dead end
341d ago
girl, dancing, hit, head

Too close to the wall

girl dancing hit head
380d ago
jump, fail, clumsy, wasted, coffee, ouch

Never try to jump over the hedge with a cup of coffee in your hand

jump fail clumsy wasted coffee ouch
419d ago
food, kitchen, cooking, ouch, jump scare

Mussel attack in the kitchen

food kitchen cooking ouch jump scare
399d ago
tree, boy, lake, swinging, ouch, rope

George of the Jungle version 2.0

tree boy lake swinging ouch rope
433d ago
fail, wedding, marriage, parenting, ouch, bridal bouqet

Woman drops baby trying to catch the bridal bouqet

fail wedding marriage parenting ouch bridal bouqet
389d ago
kids, accident, daughter, siblings, son, toy car, Johnny Knoxville, Jackass, ouch, car accident

Meet Johnny Knoxville's daughter

kids accident daughter siblings son toy car Johnny Knoxville Jackass ouch car accident