305d ago
joke, men, trick, hurt, fighting

The shortest way is the best way

joke men trick hurt fighting
284d ago
dog, woman, laughing, Husky, talking

Funny howl

dog woman laughing Husky talking
406d ago
ice, magic, ice cream

Ice cream man showing his magic

ice magic ice cream
310d ago
fail, unexpected

He didn't stand a chance

fail unexpected
275d ago
dog, music, pet, musician, haha

Dog musician

dog music pet musician haha
293d ago
dog, fight, shadow

Dog fights his own shadow

dog fight shadow
350d ago
dog, cat, water, animals, pets, trick, chase

The close escape

dog cat water animals pets trick chase
350d ago
cat, farm, cats, chicken, animals, food, animal fight, farm animals

Chicken fights cat for food

cat farm cats chicken animals food animal fight farm animals
274d ago
dog, pulling

Dog doesn't want to let go of his owner

dog pulling
335d ago
goat, music, song

Goat beatboxing

goat music song
jump, fat, water slide

Fat guy gets a huge air off of a water slide

jump fat water slide
324d ago
mom, baby, dad, child, answers, questions, Q&A

Baby not telling what dad wants to hear

mom baby dad child answers questions Q&A
324d ago
awkward, police, penis, cringe

Police officer gets a little frisky during body search

awkward police penis cringe
346d ago
statue, water, art

Sculpture by Isaac Cordal: politicians discussing global warming

statue water art
292d ago
baby, dad, eating, laughing

Baby finds it super funny that her dad cant eat asparagus properly

baby dad eating laughing
378d ago
fail, dancing, accident, fire, twerking, ouch, home accident, home video, living room

Twerking video goes horribly wrong

fail dancing accident fire twerking ouch home accident home video living room
386d ago
wtf, Asian, gymnastics, rolling, athletic

Don't mind me, just rolling by

wtf Asian gymnastics rolling athletic
346d ago
dog, pet, animals, scary, sea, seals

Someone's taking law and order in his own paws

dog pet animals scary sea seals
390d ago
singing, music, playing, unbelievable, voice

Great voice

singing music playing unbelievable voice
301d ago
fail, fitness, gym, ouch, fitness studio, running wheel, Moon TV

Running wheels are humankinds worst enemy

fail fitness gym ouch fitness studio running wheel Moon TV
329d ago
dog, love, talking

This dog really loves his owner

dog love talking
368d ago
fail, human, winter, playing, lol

Winter fun

fail human winter playing lol
324d ago
prank, college, wtf, university, class

Guy casually take an oldschool typewriter to class

prank college wtf university class
350d ago
sports, wtf, golf, golfing, skillshot, hole in one

Golf pro Leif Olson hits an absurd hole in one

sports wtf golf golfing skillshot hole in one
386d ago
fit, fitness, wtf, athletic, weight lifting, bro do you even lift

This guy lifts weights like a pro

fit fitness wtf athletic weight lifting bro do you even lift
306d ago
fail, food, Jesus, healthy

Modern times...

fail food Jesus healthy
406d ago
fail, woman, pole dancing, hurt

Pole dancing is harder than it looks

fail woman pole dancing hurt
336d ago
fail, bike, woman, man, competition, bicycle

This macho bike rider learned a lesson

fail bike woman man competition bicycle
324d ago
cat, door, weird, animals, pets, wtf, cats are weird

Cat figures out a unique way to slide through open door

cat door weird animals pets wtf cats are weird
390d ago
girl, bikini, fishing, pocket

Girl using bikini as a pocket for her drink

girl bikini fishing pocket
350d ago
dog, car, mistake, lost, Bulldog, bumped

When you have no sense of direction

dog car mistake lost Bulldog bumped
317d ago
cute, commercial, love, nature, marmot, Super Bowl

Marmot Super Bowl commercial

cute commercial love nature marmot Super Bowl
298d ago
dog, tongue, cute

Dog knows where its tongue is

dog tongue cute
402d ago
drums, music, music video, Japan, drummer, drum set

Amazing Asian Drummer girl

drums music music video Japan drummer drum set
238d ago
fail, falling, child, playground, pole

Child failing at the playground

fail falling child playground pole
299d ago
baby, dad, cute

Bubbly baby very cute

baby dad cute
268d ago
eating, food, sexy, training, gym

Me at the gym

eating food sexy training gym
357d ago
dog, fail, falls, jumps, teddy bear

So close but so far

dog fail falls jumps teddy bear
390d ago
prank, woman, water

How to prank a woman

prank woman water
399d ago
music, music video, dance, Russia, parody

Kiesza's Hideaway music video remade in a Russian village

music music video dance Russia parody
301d ago
sports, ping pong, skill

Playing ping pong with your head looks like fun!

sports ping pong skill
386d ago
dog, boobs, bikini, dogs, pet, beach, animals, pets

Dog wants to see some boobies

dog boobs bikini dogs pet beach animals pets
293d ago
prank, bicycle, ad, Google

Google's new self driving bike, only available on April 1st

prank bicycle ad Google
341d ago
smartphone, funny face, woman, laughing, laugh, contagious laughter, app, crazy face

Woman makes herself laugh with face morphing app

smartphone funny face woman laughing laugh contagious laughter app crazy face
238d ago
school, animation, college, notes

Typical college notes

school animation college notes
318d ago
cute, commercial, attack, Doritos, pug

Doritos gives you the strength you need

cute commercial attack Doritos pug
403d ago
girl, baby, cute

This baby really is mad

girl baby cute
389d ago
girl, woman, man, sexy, surprise, towel, sexy girl, underwear

Sexy surprise

girl woman man sexy surprise towel sexy girl underwear
370d ago
wtf, airport, conveyor belt, dildo

Somebody forgot his Dildo at the airport

wtf airport conveyor belt dildo
331d ago
football, woman, man, owned

Man getting owned by a woman with big biceps in Flex Cam

football woman man owned
310d ago
car, accident, wtf

How is he still driving?

car accident wtf
401d ago
dummy, man, gym, workout

Strange workout

dummy man gym workout
233d ago
funny commercial, interview, lol, TV, explicit, fear, advertising, confusing, reactions

What would you do?

funny commercial interview lol TV explicit fear advertising confusing reactions
335d ago
dog, prank, boy, hurt, laser, laser pointer

In this video the dog being teased with a laser pointer is not the poorest victim

dog prank boy hurt laser laser pointer
315d ago
cat, costume

Red Riding Cat

cat costume
281d ago
car, party

Party car

car party
313d ago
dog, costume, office, human, computer, Golden Retriever

Dog doing office work

dog costume office human computer Golden Retriever
331d ago
dog, girl, child, doctor

Little doctor taking care of her dog patient

dog girl child doctor
408d ago
dog, chicken, thug life

How to pick up chicks

dog chicken thug life
403d ago
dancing, chihuahua

Dancing Chihuahua

dancing chihuahua