537d ago
drunk, jump, fail, dunk

Some people take Beer Pong very seriously

drunk jump fail dunk
485d ago
jump, fail, kids, kid, movie, ouch, slow motion, movie edit, funny edit, Matrix

Slow motion Matrix jump fail

jump fail kids kid movie ouch slow motion movie edit funny edit Matrix
486d ago
girlfriend, fail, love, tattoo, bad decision


girlfriend fail love tattoo bad decision
476d ago
girl, face, fail, fish, nature, sea, storm, slap

Just a girl getting a fish thrown at her face

girl face fail fish nature sea storm slap
485d ago
fail, toilet, door, laughing, contagious laughter, plumber fail

Plumber installs new toilet but forgets about a tiny detail

fail toilet door laughing contagious laughter plumber fail
527d ago
fail, construction, house

Looking for a new place?

fail construction house
417d ago
fail, accident, man, longboarding, helmet

He loves helmets... for a really good reason!

fail accident man longboarding helmet
491d ago
fail, store, expression, product

A taste of grandma

fail store expression product
478d ago
jump, fail, accident, boy, water, fall

Didn't work as planned

jump fail accident boy water fall
469d ago
fail, lol, coffee, drive thru

Attack gone wrong

fail lol coffee drive thru
464d ago
fail, scary, climbing, slippery, slip, climber

Climber falls off a cliff

fail scary climbing slippery slip climber
464d ago
fail, photographer, wedding, water, falling over, trip, wedding photographer

Wedding photographer takes a dive

fail photographer wedding water falling over trip wedding photographer
438d ago
fail, wtf, tattoo, Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bovi with an inspiring quote

fail wtf tattoo Jon Bon Jovi
515d ago
fail, Christmas, crash, hoverboard, ouch

Handstand on Hoverboard obviously goes wrong

fail Christmas crash hoverboard ouch
530d ago
fail, bank, money

Instructions unclear

fail bank money
486d ago
fail, spelling, tattoo

Is it really?

fail spelling tattoo
537d ago
fail, slide, playground, danger, construction

Suicide slide

fail slide playground danger construction
474d ago
ice, jump, fail, accident, pool, water, man

This guy has a severe problem

ice jump fail accident pool water man
514d ago
jump, fail, animal, ferret

Ferret failing to land on the table

jump fail animal ferret
506d ago
fail, cake, pony

This cake is so wrong!

fail cake pony
490d ago
cat, fail, accident, cake, unexpected, animal, live, show, TV

cat fail

cat fail accident cake unexpected animal live show TV
484d ago
car, fail, gas station, dumb, driver

This driver failed really hard

car fail gas station dumb driver
473d ago
fail, kids, boy, water, children

Well, you shouldn't do that

fail kids boy water children
491d ago
fail, toy, store, product

Buzz Lightyear gone bad

fail toy store product
537d ago
fail, easter bunny, easter, laughing, Big Brother, trip, laugh, laughter

Easter Bunny surprises Danish Big Brother

fail easter bunny easter laughing Big Brother trip laugh laughter
478d ago
fail, baby, snow, cute, winter, basket

Just don't leave the baby with dad

fail baby snow cute winter basket
473d ago
girl, jump, fail, water

Well, that's a fail

girl jump fail water
531d ago
fail, sports, fit, workout, fighting, MMA, workout fail

The Water Bottle Kick

fail sports fit workout fighting MMA workout fail
524d ago
fail, kid, kitchen

'Honey, our child is ready'

fail kid kitchen
331d ago
forgot how to dog

Sit Booboo. No, not like that.

forgot how to dog
335d ago
fail, strange, enjoying, eating, man, wtf, rollercoaster, amusement park, dumb idea, no logic

Who generally does so???

fail strange enjoying eating man wtf rollercoaster amusement park dumb idea no logic
527d ago
fail, Sesame Street, Elmo, awkward, prom, style, dress

The Elmo-dress

fail Sesame Street Elmo awkward prom style dress
485d ago
fail, fitness, workout, ouch, fitness studio

Fitness ball trick doesn't go quite as planned

fail fitness workout ouch fitness studio
530d ago
fail, ice skating, ice skater

Ice Skating Fail - Wall breaks down

fail ice skating ice skater
456d ago
fail, danger, stupid

Not the best way to repair a car.

fail danger stupid
532d ago
fail, pool, skating, skate, swimming pool

Don't run in the pool!

fail pool skating skate swimming pool
431d ago
fail, TV, living room

I just like minimalistic style

fail TV living room
467d ago
fail, Christmas, family, falling

Christmas fail

fail Christmas family falling
527d ago
car, fail, retro, moving

They had a lot of chairs to move

car fail retro moving
538d ago
cat, fail, kitten, falling, distracted

Kitten tries to walk on air

cat fail kitten falling distracted
527d ago
fail, accident, construction, crane

Crane fail 5

fail accident construction crane
524d ago
fail, wedding, style, dress

'You look stunning!'

fail wedding style dress
493d ago
fail, birthday, teeth, grandma, granny

Granny blows out her candles and loses her teeth

fail birthday teeth grandma granny
492d ago
girlfriend, car, fail, fridge, safety, transport

It's all about safety

girlfriend car fail fridge safety transport
471d ago
cat, fail, window, cute, cats, stuck, pet, animals, pets, windows

Cat gets stuck in between windows

cat fail window cute cats stuck pet animals pets windows
527d ago
fail, accident, construction, crane

Crane fail 2

fail accident construction crane
471d ago
fail, pool, wine, swimming pool

Pass me the wine, what could go wrong?

fail pool wine swimming pool
534d ago
Star Wars, fail, destruction, Darth Vader, Death Star, home run

Home run fail

Star Wars fail destruction Darth Vader Death Star home run
534d ago
car, fail

Alternative car air conditioner

car fail
446d ago
fail, lol, don't, daddy's

That's why you should listen to your parents

fail lol don't daddy's
344d ago
cat, fail, message, sleeping, home, lol, reaction, fall, funny edit, scaredy cat

It's such a hard work to make some nice photos of your cat, you know...

cat fail message sleeping home lol reaction fall funny edit scaredy cat
514d ago
fail, cake, lazy, food porn, food fails

cake gets destroyed by bad packaging

fail cake lazy food porn food fails
396d ago
fail, running, man, gas station, surveillance cam, glass door

Man running straight into a gas station's glass door

fail running man gas station surveillance cam glass door
488d ago
fail, beach, lol, sand, guy, waves

When you try to impress but it doesn't go well

fail beach lol sand guy waves
496d ago
girl, fail, dancing, chicken, lol

Not even a chicken wants to dance with me

girl fail dancing chicken lol
530d ago
car, fail, prank, driving, ice cream, gag

Don't eat ice cream and drive

car fail prank driving ice cream gag
527d ago
drunk, fail, pizza, food, cooking, college, university, roommate

Drunk roommate leaves Pizza in the oven over night

drunk fail pizza food cooking college university roommate
523d ago
fail, news, hit, sport, skateboard, TV, blooper

Reporter hit by skateboard on TV

fail news hit sport skateboard TV blooper
508d ago
fail, kids, sports, soccer

Kid plays indoor soccer and immediately regrets it

fail kids sports soccer
408d ago
dog, fail, fence

Stella's new fence

dog fail fence