Guy casually take an oldschool typewriter to class

571d ago
585d ago
kid, school, student, smart, exam

Smartest kid ever

kid school student smart exam
486d ago
school, animation, college, notes

Typical college notes

school animation college notes
643d ago
dog, school, student, homework

"but professor, the dog really ate my homework!"

dog school student homework
643d ago
Star Wars, school, exam

Funny student answer

Star Wars school exam
579d ago
answer, school, beer, alcohol, student, exam

Beer-Lambert law

answer school beer alcohol student exam
597d ago
drinking, college, student, true story

Spend your money wisely

drinking college student true story
612d ago
cat, money, save, student life

Saving money for University loans

cat money save student life
643d ago
dog, school, student, homework

"I swear, this time my dog really ate my homework!"

dog school student homework
646d ago
drunk, fail, pizza, food, cooking, college, university, roommate

Drunk roommate leaves Pizza in the oven over night

drunk fail pizza food cooking college university roommate
627d ago
prank, sleeping, school, student, troll, teacher, high school

Teacher pranks sleeping student

prank sleeping school student troll teacher high school
641d ago
school, Halloween, college, science, university, pumpkin, science experiment

Instant Halloween pumpkin carving

school Halloween college science university pumpkin science experiment
586d ago
kid, school, exam

Can a man reproduce his testicle?

kid school exam
578d ago
kid, answer, school, student, exam, test, The Hunger Games

Solution to overpopulation

kid answer school student exam test The Hunger Games
648d ago
fail, rugby, sports, college, American Football, university

Rugby girl challenges Football Linebacker

fail rugby sports college American Football university
577d ago
kid, answer, school, nailed it, math, exam, test

Find x

kid answer school nailed it math exam test
620d ago
kid, school, exam

3 squares, 2 triangles, and 1 circle

kid school exam
642d ago
news, prank, reporter, student, TV, blooper, videobomb

This reporter has quite a strong reaction to videobomb

news prank reporter student TV blooper videobomb
557d ago
weather, student, university, storm, rain, no fucks given

I guess not everybody minds the weathe

weather student university storm rain no fucks given
621d ago
sign, college, student

Hope they are not majoring in marketing

sign college student
648d ago
college, student, university, finals week, exams

Student counts to 1000 on a white board

college student university finals week exams
501d ago
humor, lol, students, real life, true story, graduation

Welcome to real world

humor lol students real life true story graduation
571d ago
prank, sleeping, college, roommate, sleeping prank

Guy pranks his sleeping roommate with some extremely loud horns

prank sleeping college roommate sleeping prank
490d ago
woman, college, look-alike, outfit

Professor: 'Hm, I'll take the highlighter outfit today.'

woman college look-alike outfit
548d ago
fail, cute, graduation, photo shoot

When you break your foot during the graduation photo shoot

fail cute graduation photo shoot
645d ago
college, university, finals week, crafty, no fucks given

When all the seats at the lecture are taken

college university finals week crafty no fucks given
535d ago
celebrity, school, humor, lol, Kanye West, true story, graduation

Hello, Bachelor of Arts

celebrity school humor lol Kanye West true story graduation
571d ago
water, college, student, class, competetive eating, water bottle

Student quickly empties water bottle in a fraction of a second

water college student class competetive eating water bottle
578d ago
school, student, math

Math is going to kill us all

school student math