Human, why do you watch this?

462d ago
460d ago
cat, stuck, pet, kitchen

Can you give me a hand human?

cat stuck pet kitchen
photobomb, zoo, sloth, cute, wildlife, animal

Picture time

photobomb zoo sloth cute wildlife animal
455d ago
dog, cat, friends, cuddle

Cat and dog being friends

dog cat friends cuddle
403d ago
cat, cute, cats, pet, animals, pets, wtf, bag, cats love boxes, plastic bag

Cat has accepted her life as a carry bag cat

cat cute cats pet animals pets wtf bag cats love boxes plastic bag
398d ago
cat, cats, home, pets, chill

This cat has just understood the essence of the universe

cat cats home pets chill
395d ago
goat, yelling, desert

Maybe the funniest goat video on internet

goat yelling desert
410d ago
cat, fail, window, cute, cats, stuck, pet, animals, pets, windows

Cat gets stuck in between windows

cat fail window cute cats stuck pet animals pets windows
471d ago
cat, face, confused

Confused Cat

cat face confused
438d ago
smile, cute, animal, laugh, turtle, toothbrush

Just a smiling turtle being cleaned with a toothbrush

smile cute animal laugh turtle toothbrush
463d ago
dog, school, student, homework

"I swear, this time my dog really ate my homework!"

dog school student homework
331d ago
door, broken, kitten, animal attack, cats are assholes

There's no escape...

door broken kitten animal attack cats are assholes
432d ago
cat, funny face, photobomb, tongue, cats, animals, pets

Me trying to pick up a girl

cat funny face photobomb tongue cats animals pets
330d ago
dog, lol, kitchen, pose, why?

Why actually not?

dog lol kitchen pose why?
424d ago
dog, snow, cute, winter, dogs, unexpected

Little dog sees snow fór the first time - doesn't like it

dog snow cute winter dogs unexpected
477d ago
dog, snowboard, amazing

Dog goes snowboarding

dog snowboard amazing
476d ago
dog, Paris

Paris dog

dog Paris
475d ago
bird, animals, smoking

Smoking Birds

bird animals smoking
396d ago
cat, human, scared, lol, paper, working, why?

My cat knows how hard this paper is

cat human scared lol paper working why?
479d ago
photo bomb, cats, pets

Cat photo bomb

photo bomb cats pets
474d ago
bird, wildlife, optical illusion, perfect timing

The winged antelope

bird wildlife optical illusion perfect timing
360d ago
dog, love, pet, excited, mail

This dog really loves mail time

dog love pet excited mail
320d ago
bear, hangover, zoo animals

Worn out from last night

bear hangover zoo animals
337d ago
cat, singing, cute, laugh, super, duet

He sings better than me

cat singing cute laugh super duet
496d ago
dog, baby, bizarre, family, bathtub

Some kind of family

dog baby bizarre family bathtub
479d ago
dog, tongue, weird, selfie, pug

Pug taking a weird selfie

dog tongue weird selfie pug
438d ago
dog, fail, kids, family, toddler, cute, dogs, pet, animals, pets, feeding

Toddler trips when trying to feed the dog

dog fail kids family toddler cute dogs pet animals pets feeding
397d ago
face, tongue, snow, cute, winter, animal, polar bear, bear cub

Hmmm snow!

face tongue snow cute winter animal polar bear bear cub
413d ago
dog, celebrity, women, pet, animal, parody, look-alike, comparison, Instagram, Celeste Barber, Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody and Celeste Barber

dog celebrity women pet animal parody look-alike comparison Instagram Celeste Barber Adrien Brody
445d ago
joke, animal, lol, sea

Dolphin, is that you?

joke animal lol sea
403d ago
cat, cats, pet, animals, pets, mailman, mail, cats are assholes

Cat doesn't want any mail

cat cats pet animals pets mailman mail cats are assholes
388d ago
dinosaur, groom, attack, wedding, couple, animal, chase, photography, bride, reptile

Dinosaur attack

dinosaur groom attack wedding couple animal chase photography bride reptile
423d ago
car, fail, bear, pet, Russia

Meanwhile in Russia

car fail bear pet Russia
384d ago
dog, dancing, Africa

Toto fan dog

dog dancing Africa
403d ago
costume, dinosaur, dinosaurs, T Rex, trampoline, Tyrannosaurus Rex

The amazing Tramposaurus Rex

costume dinosaur dinosaurs T Rex trampoline Tyrannosaurus Rex
331d ago
dog, wtf

I don't even know what's happening here

dog wtf
462d ago
dog, dogs, tricks, professional, training

This dog is definitely talented

dog dogs tricks professional training
320d ago
grocery store, duck, optical illusion, faces in things

Squash duck

grocery store duck optical illusion faces in things
477d ago
cat, fail, falling, cup, stucked, table

Cat gets head stucked

cat fail falling cup stucked table
453d ago
dog, little, smooth criminal, bars

Nothing can't stop me

dog little smooth criminal bars
442d ago
cat, banana, cats, pet, animals, food, pets, fruit, cats are assholes, cats are weird

Cats don't trust bananas

cat banana cats pet animals food pets fruit cats are assholes cats are weird
441d ago
dog, pet, sign, innocent, not me, dog shaming

Guilty look

dog pet sign innocent not me dog shaming
270d ago
crocodile, prank, crazy, home, unexpected, lol, funny edit, messaging

Oh, no, he did

crocodile prank crazy home unexpected lol funny edit messaging
397d ago
dog, TV show, pug, movie, inception, TV, X-Files, The Pug Files

Pug-Files meets Inception

dog TV show pug movie inception TV X-Files The Pug Files
329d ago
cat, fail, strange, lol, laugh, silly, cats are assholes, weirdo


cat fail strange lol laugh silly cats are assholes weirdo
427d ago
win, son, Jurassic Park, lawyer


win son Jurassic Park lawyer
460d ago
puppy, pet, sleep

What was going on in his mind?!

puppy pet sleep
417d ago
cat, home, pet, animal, blame

I blame YOU

cat home pet animal blame
477d ago
dog, dogs, Dachshund, infinite

Let there be Dachshunds

dog dogs Dachshund infinite
391d ago
animals, nature, birds, meme, mfw, reaction gif, wild animals, BBC

How it feels like being a girl on the internet

animals nature birds meme mfw reaction gif wild animals BBC
429d ago
parrot, bird, animal, laughing, charisma, white

Funny parrot with charisma

parrot bird animal laughing charisma white
417d ago
dog, dancing, Bob Marley, singing, song

This dog has the rhythm in his blood

dog dancing Bob Marley singing song
300d ago
cowboy, Bulldog

Gabe the Bulldog rides a horse

cowboy Bulldog
445d ago
cat, fat, news, laugh, TV, blooper

Things that make it on the news

cat fat news laugh TV blooper
419d ago
photobomb, cute, dogs, animals, Husky

Photobombing while planking

photobomb cute dogs animals Husky
432d ago
dog, tired, lol, stop, no more

Going half of the week like "I can't do it anymore"

dog tired lol stop no more
463d ago
giraffe, scared, spider

Kill that spider!

giraffe scared spider
453d ago
cat, lol, laser

Cat trash

cat lol laser
400d ago
cat, fail, accident, photo, cats, pet, pets

I suppose she still thinks it wasn't her fault

cat fail accident photo cats pet pets
431d ago
bear, baby, nose, cute, animal, sleep

Baby bear falling asleep on his nose

bear baby nose cute animal sleep
429d ago
dog, trapped, outdoors, pipe, looking

No end in sight

dog trapped outdoors pipe looking