439d ago
girl, boy, hit, kiss, turkey

Do not kiss me!

girl boy hit kiss turkey
360d ago
cat, cats, animals, pets, explicit, logic

Cat's logic. Everyone who has a cat knows it.

cat cats animals pets explicit logic
411d ago
Star Wars, animals, pets, robots, lightsaber, Yoda, toys, ferrets

Yoda fights with a bunch of Ferrets

Star Wars animals pets robots lightsaber Yoda toys ferrets
373d ago
fail, food, wtf, food porn, rude, Crepe, crepes, crêpe, crêpes

That's now how you eat a stack of Crepes!

fail food wtf food porn rude Crepe crepes crêpe crêpes
405d ago
sports, exercise, balls, gymnastics, athletic, ouch

Guy makes fatal mistake during balance beam exercise

sports exercise balls gymnastics athletic ouch
417d ago
face, mfw, reaction gif, facial expression

Guy in Australia's Got Talent TV show has amazing facial reactions

face mfw reaction gif facial expression
405d ago
football, sports, foul, soccer, unfair, foul play

Women's soccer can get rough too

football sports foul soccer unfair foul play
362d ago
attack, farm, bird, animal, sign, danger, goose, warning

Goose attack in progress

attack farm bird animal sign danger goose warning
274d ago
drunk, prank, sleeping, party, Snapchat

Never get drunk and fall asleep around these guys

drunk prank sleeping party Snapchat
401d ago
video games, Mario Kart, backyard

Playing Mario Kart Battle in your backyard

video games Mario Kart backyard
404d ago
cat, butt, pet, gross, shame

Spoiling TV night

cat butt pet gross shame
418d ago
help, climbing, art, 3D

Helping a bro in need

help climbing art 3D
432d ago
couple, Seth Rogen, James Franco

Fake Seth Rogen and James Franco

couple Seth Rogen James Franco
370d ago
alcohol, wine, sign, pub

Reduce the risk of giving a s*it

alcohol wine sign pub
354d ago
animation, finger, drawing, destroying

Funny interactive animation – if you want to destroy things, watch this

animation finger drawing destroying
424d ago
photo bomb, couple

Photo bombing a couple

photo bomb couple
377d ago
fail, optical illusion, bath, Minions, blood, product

Who put strawberry shampoo in this bottle?

fail optical illusion bath Minions blood product
420d ago
football, caught

Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo caught in a bad moment

football caught
436d ago
car, fail, parking

Parking Fail

car fail parking
439d ago
tricks, ping pong, skill, cool

Ping-pong tricks

tricks ping pong skill cool
438d ago
perfect, look-alike, match

It's a match

perfect look-alike match
486d ago
mascot, tiger, zoo

Oh my god they killed my idol

mascot tiger zoo
308d ago
real life, true story, social media, tough life, texting

Literally my entire life

real life true story social media tough life texting
raccoon, ring

Raccoon yes

raccoon ring
430d ago
game, perfection

This changes everything: dice in another dice

game perfection